Tuesday, April 01, 2008

36 great things about smart daddy-o

I wanted to post this last night but I was too busy watching a movie with smart daddy-o,wait strike that, too busy falling asleep while watching a movie with smart daddy-o (which i always seem to do). But here I will enumerate 36 great things about my husband (in case you don't know him well) to celebrate his turning 36 yesterday.
1. He is great delivery service.When we have little babies he goes and gets them, changes, their diapers, and brings them to me to feed them, then when i am done, I kick him (gently) and he takes them back to their cribs (no not just on holidays - every night) so I never get out of bed.
2. He makes great sour dough pancakes every sat am for breakfast
3. He sews- no he's not the project runway type and draws the line before couture fashion- he will only use his skills for the good of our home. He is known to kick out a mean pillow, curtains, or comforter. Actually I think it's the engineer in him that gets frustrated with the 3-d spatially challenged wife and figures it is easier to do it himself than try to explain it to me.
4. He is good at drawing and perspective. Even though I am the official artist of the family. (Well i guess he should be seeing as he models things in 3-D all day long) I actually con him into doing my preliminary drawings for paintings alot of the time.
5. He has patents with his name on it- yes they belong to his employer but it's fun none the less to think you did something really unique
6. He made our dining room table- it is really cool, he's even had people offer to buy it.
7. He is in charge of all things trash (part of our marital contract) and never complains.
8. He is in charge of all things cold (another part of our marital contract) (which entails alot here in New England) and never complains.
9. He is in charge of all things dirty (and yes yet another marital requirement) and never complains.
10. He gets up with our boys and lets me get more sleep, which I am not an early morning person (forever scarred by early morning seminary)- Just give me 10 more minutes which usually becomes an hour and 10 more minutes.
11. He has a great voice if you haven't heard him sing, you should.
12. He plays the guitar very nicely- couple it with the singing-and it is a treat ask him to play for you-- he hasn't been doing it much lately and I miss it.
13. He is doesn't need much to be happy- when we got married everything he owned fit in his car with room to spare- we won't take about how much i brought into the marriage- i think i brought more than he did in Christmas decorations alone.
14. He spoils me - yes yes my husband has been know to drive 15 min to friendly's to get me my favorite peanut butter cup sundaes or go downstairs and get me a sprite with a fresh lime squeezed into it simply because I asked him to.
15. He doesn't get mad- really we're both mellow people but this is a very good thing.
16. He is frugal- seriously i have to convince him to buy a new pair of shoes- i think he had to marry me or he wouldn't have anything to do with his money.
17. He supports me in the things I do- which if you know me is a lot- whether it is making cakes, doing art shows, giant pto posters, catering weddings, callings, you name it.
18. He is a good dad to our boys- and takes them places and does special stuff with them.
19. He's appreciates cultural things- I really like having a husband who doesn't find it torturous (as too many husbands do) to watch foreign films, or PBS documentaries, or Jane Austen movies.
20. He cleans the house alot, he does the lions share of dish washing at our house) and a great mopper- I have often been know to come home from an evening event and find the house 10x cleaner than when i left.
21. He lets me go on trips without complaining, when we were first married i travelled the world doing a lot of medical missions- all the while he was slogging through days of work, not i often take my boys to visit family and friends across the country- he doesn't have that much vacation time, but he still lets us go- and while we are off playing he is hard at work and footing our bills.
22. He respects me- which well if you read this you should know i am an strong woman with my own ideas but this is something he appreciates.
23. He is a good guy- now that sounds really plain but i this is actually why i married him- because if you know- you know that he really is a GOOD person and there is no better way of saying it or describing it.
24. He has this quiet chuckling laugh he makes especially when our kids do amusing things.
25. He always tries to do the right thing.
26. He rubs my feet or gives me a massage whenever i ask for it.
27. He has good thoughts and ideas.
28. He always thanks me for making dinner.
29. He is disciplined and never cops out- me I am known to use the "i'm too tired, too sick,too...something" to but he'll get up even when exhausted, has basically never taken a sick day from work- he just keeps going.
30. He tells me I look nice (well at least on sundays when I brush my hair and try to wear matching clothes).
31. He is a great swaddler- seriously he can burrito any baby. He gives any baby nurse a run for their money. although don't ask him to dress your child because for this he randomly pick items that don't match and places them on your children.
32. He perseveres without getting distracted- not me- I remember when we were dating he'd spend 8 hrs a day straight working on his Masters thesis- now if you have ever done a thesis you know this to be torture in its truest form I don't think I ever worked for 8 hrs straight on my thesis- I am way to distractable.
33. He's really cute- not that I wouldn't love him if he wasn't- but that is a nice bonus.
34. He always lets me take more than my share- of the bed, of the closet, of the bathroom counter, (I even use part of his dresser- I know I should be ashamed!)
35. He is great at cutting wedding cakes- this was a skill he aquired by default- engineer + cake baking wife= designated wedding cake cutter.
36. He is smart and works hard- this was actually why i didn't keep dating him the first time around I was 17.
37. He puts up with me!

okay and my friend LL always put three things at the bottom of her posts that she is grateful for- and I love celebrating the details of life- so i think i am going to follow suit-0 yes i am a big old copycat so my 3 for the day

1. watching shakespeare
2. my husbands pink cherry chip cake that totally reminds me of the 70's.
3. falling asleep during movies (this is actually my favorite way to fall asleep- crazy I know.)


Lei said...

that's a great list - you're a lucky gal!

Courtney said...

Sounds like you got a good one!

Andrea said...

aw...he is cute! He is your pefect match--but you totally forgot to mention the accordion.

Chel said...

He is cute and he sounds wonderful! What a lucky girl you are!!
My DH owns a company that they model things in 3-D all day... interesting.

smart mama said...

hey you are right andrea- was also a prize winning accordion player- but he cursed his parents for forcing him to learn such a lame instrument and hasn't played since-

Arlyn said...

Your husband sounds A LOT like mine...with some obvious differences (mine likes to sing for the kids, but I wouldn't say he's winning any Grammy awards). He's also an engineer. (structural) I loved your list. I may have to do one myself!

LL said...

love it! love the 3!!!!
Happy B-day to the man of the house. And happy birthday to your dad!
I cannot believe he made your table, WOW!
great post

smart mama said...

hmm lets see- I see a trend engineer husbands that have cool blogging wives...

The Orton's said...

Oooohhh, I LOVED your list! Nothing like a FANTABULOUS husband to make life grand!!! Happy birthday to him! Must be the month of great people!!!

Cathy said...

Isn't it great to be married to and Engineer? DH is a great man.

Amber said...

Sounds like a keeper! Happy birthday to smart daddy!

smart mama's mom said...

And I might add, he is a wonderful son-in-law! Definitely a keeper!