Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I love this picture of my son-you can see how fixated he is on reading, lately I have had to tell him to stop -- a terrible thing I know-- but it is interfereing with eating, getting dressed, getting in the car, and just about all daily activities! I love though that he has found things he loves to read. We checked out over the legal limit at library. Here's to summer reading starting early!
1. kids discover magazine
2. library books- lots of them
2. inquiring minds


Chel said...

Great picture!
My son LOVES to read too. He is reading all the time. I also have found myself telling him to put the book down! :)

reading = intelligence

Arlyn said...

I was like that. My mom was constantly trying to get me to join the family. My son is just starting to get into the sit-quietly-in-a-corner-and-read stage. I love it!

LL said...

He is SUCH a good boy!
not only can he read, he can ICE SKATE. Where were YOU smart mama, I was so hoping to sit and chat in the stinky freezing ice rink :)

The Orton's said...

As much as it can be annoying at times - it's a great habit to have! I have memories of my younger brother reading constantly, sometimes I'd even see him walking home from school and reading at the same time. Today he is attending grad school and somehow convinced them (UNC-Chapel Hill) that they need to pay HIM to go! (smart boy)

Cathy said...

My daughter loves to read too. Somedays I have to punish her by not allowing her to read.
The funniest was watching my daughter try to read on the trampoline.