Thursday, April 17, 2008

don't be jealous of the chicken casserole

Dear Smart baby-

Really you don't need to cry everyday between 5:15 and 5:45. I may break eye contact with you while I measure hot pepper flakes or saute vegetables. I may put you in the bouncy chair because I need to don oven mitts to remove some piping hot thing from the oven but, rest assured this does not mean I do not love you. Please don't get jealous of the chicken casserole, or the steamed broccoli, I know you feel very threatened by my attentions to them at the dinner hour. Hopefully the trauma of this momentary division of my attention will not forever scar your psyche. I promise I will always love you more than making dinner!

Very Sincerely,

Your one and only smart mama

P.S. Don't worry I promise not to divide my attentions between you and the dirty dishes- we'll save all those for your dad!
1. binkies
2. bouncy seats
3. babies so cute you love them even why they fuss


LL said...

you are SO funny! this was GREAT, loved it. and that picture of my little friend is adorable.

Arlyn said...

I SO know how you feel! That's one of those times I'd like a clone of myself!

Courtney said...

very funny!

Andrea said...

That is one CUTE baby. I love him. All of my kids are bewitched during the dinner hour...even still.

Gabriela said...

Love it. Why does the fussiest time of the day coincide with making dinner???

The Orton's said... have the cutest baby EVER! My sister Amy had babies with that much hair and I LOVE it. Cute post - maybe you need a "Mayan Wrap".

aubrey said...

that is the cutest little baby, ever! and i agree with everyone that dinner hour is the bewitching hour. thank goodness for dvds and the playroom during that time for the older kids!

Sweetpea said...

You are SO funny! I love this post---you could have written that for me too!

Suzie Soda said...

Very cute picture. Dinner time was always hard with a new baby..somehow they know you are trying to make it and feed everybody. Must be a baby code. I have felt your pain.

swimmingmom said...

That was sweet. So true, hardest time of day for little guys. Cute pic.