Wednesday, April 09, 2008

life photojournalist any takers?

Okay I blogged 2 years ago about how I wish someone would make my life into a movie and create the sountrack to it (following me around and cueing appropriate music at just the right moments like in the movies- it would make life os much cooler). I would to my "life" wishlist - a personal photojournalist. Please could I get someone to follow me around and take pictures of me and all the great moments of my life to look back on. Really make them artul, make them beautiful. So my whole life looks like glossy magazine ads. Capture that homemade bread so perfectly that you can smell it, catch the way the light sparkles on my sons crazy hair, make me look glamorous, the full technicolor spectrum of my paintings.

As I read blogs, I realize what a photographer I am NOT. I have never claimed to be one, but i realize how much I want to be one. I guess this means I need to get serious about 1. A new camera, 2. Learning how to use one and 3. How to really kick it up with post processing! I want better images to go with posts (especially now that I am blog slurping this into book form ,which totally legitimizes my blog as journalling- right, how can I publish my words with such mediocre photographs? I want my book to look cool after all!) I need to hire someone like Alissa (oh master of light and camera) to follow me around everyday from dawn until dusk beautifully capturing all the things in my life. As an artist I love the power of a good image. They say more than a thousand words.

So please if your interested in the job- do send your resume!

1. a new round of library books
2. actually feeling hot today
3. getting things done on my to-do list


aubrey said...

i like your list at the bottom of each post. it is inspiring me to stop and think of what i am grateful for in this day. thank you!

Arlyn said...

Is there a photographer that can make changing a messy diaper and folding laundry look beautiful? I'd be interested in just having it look attractive! At least I'm usually the one with the camera in my hands, so I don't have to worry about how far from beautiful it's (and I mean myself) all coming out!

smart mama said...

arlynn- you haven't been looking at enough magazines lately- where th mother looking very trim and ever so casual injeans and pristine white T holds a heaping basket of fresh white linens (the only laundry in magazines are bright white sheets fo course:- that she is "preparing to fold" while her children frolick around on her bed in summer dresses

LL said...

i thought that's what the blog was all about. this IS your very own personal maggazine and YOU are the cover girl!

Arlyn said...

I get 3 magazines...Ensign, The Friend and Family Fun. And I don't even read those as much as I should!

I guess I'm glad I don't have to worry about my kids frolicking on my bed...that would just make more work for me.

Chel said...

Your blog is all about you... but wouldn't a movie be cool? Or a lovely novel?

I love that picture!

Alissa said...

aw shucks. thanks for the link! i feel like a million bucks... lol.

and i'm coming to realize that you can't possibly capture everything you want to remember with pictures... sad as that is... things like new baby smell and downy soft baby cheeks... you'll be asking blurb to put out a scratch and sniff book... tho you certainly don't want to remember the scent of that last dirty diaper, lol.