Tuesday, April 01, 2008

art of the week- "green" collages

Here are some collages I did this weekend- The first I added to a pieces I started a few years ago- it reminds me of spring and bubble gum and cute clothes. Then I did the next two I am trying to decide on a new giant series for my dining room and Collage is a really fun medium and anyone can do it--I love the texture and the juxtaposition of shapes and colors. So get creative try one today these are from magazine pages (some painted), paint, tissue paper, adhesive, and varnish!


Gabriela said...

Very cool.

I never knew ladybugs emitted a smell.

I liked your post on death-I totally agree with you about our culture vs. other cultures. Very different.

LOL about your husband and son (SNL skit). :)

Shelah said...

hey-- those remind me of the ones in my family room!