Wednesday, April 09, 2008

thank you, anna quindlen

I lately I have been reading her book Loud and Clear, while nursing my baby. Basically those are the only moments I snatch a good read these days, except for an occasional couple pages in a good hot bath. Although I don't always agree with her argument or conclusion I enjoy reading her writing. She has a true talent and gift for writing. She makes you think, either to agree or disagree or to contemplate on a path of ideas. I have always been a fan of essays/columns. I love finding greater meaning and looking for larger ideas/themes in everyday life experiences, which she does very eloquently.

She made me think about WORDS and their power for change and influence. Her words make me think. Which begs to ask the question: Do my words make people think? Granted I am no Pulitzer prize winner (that would require I actually spell and grammar check things and use appropriate punctuation- which I refuse to do- i am rough draft sort of publisher). But just as I teach children if you create art you are an artist- I can say I write therefore, I am a writer (albeit a very primitive one). But I hope my blogging- at least on occasion makes someone think.
Even though my audience maybe small, I need to use WORDS to give more voice to those things I am passionate about like:

*The power, purpose, and joy of being a mother
*Keeping perspective in our materialistic, myopic society.
*Promoting education and opportunity in our own communities and the rest of the world.
*Finding your own gifts and leaving a personal mark on the world.
*Helping women see that the size of the hearts and the size of their heads is far more important that the rest of their body measurements.
*Celebrating the one.

So thank you, Anna for reminding me to use my talents, WORDS, and power to make other people think. After all, it only takes one spark to start a fire.


Amber said...

I like Anna and always looked to her bilined articles in Newsweek.

Another fantastic read is "I am a Mother" by Jane Clayson. I have sent it to every new mom I know!

smart mama said...

i have on read excerpts from that book but they were great i am all for mom power!

Shelah said...

I absolutely love that Elder Ballard quoted her during the Sunday Afternoon conference session!

smart mama said...

me too- i love it when good thinking women are quoted- it shows they read alot of stuff...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that was a really great post. I've been thinking about something similar lately. We can do so much and affect so much through our words...