Monday, April 07, 2008

"as you like it"

"that flattering tongue of yours hath won me"
Truly Shakespeare is a genius of words and works. I just finished watching As You Like It (I started this back on smart daddy-o's birthday but fell asleep, not because it was boring but because I was that tired!). It was a good film and reminded me how delightful Shakespeare's comedies are. This adaptation, by Kenneth Branagh is set in Feudal Japan which adds a fun visual element and overall just a nice movie. I love it when a movie makes me think, makes me want to be better, when they teach and inspire in less overt ways. So here are 10 "life reminders" from Shakespeare's comedies.

1. How to be a great friend, Shakespearean comedies have great friendships. It is filled with confidants, people who delight in your joys, scheme with you, stand up for you, and stick by you. So be a more true friend.

2. Love, characters in Shakespeare as so in love, not 10%, not 25% but 100% yes usually to their blindness as some point but that exuberance and passion is to be admired. Love deeply, and show it (to your children , to your spouse, to your friends).

3. Mistakes, I love how openly people can admit their wrongs, their faults and apologize sincerely, and without grudging. A lesson many of us can take to heart, graciously admitting our wrongs. Apologize, forgive, move on.

4. A change of heart, although sometimes seemingly fantastical people, can have a change of heart. Like Saul's mighty conversion, change is real. However, we are sometimes too jaded to believe people can really change. In fact we give people very little opportunity to change our impressions of them. Give people room to change.

5. Wit. There is nothing like a witty line to bring a smile to your face. Be funny- seriously it makes the world better.

6. Being changed by the love of another. Truly our love for another can change them for the better, can soften them, can change their perspective, can bring them peace, or confidence. Give the gift of your love more.

7. Joy in living and the depth of human experience. In triumph, in sorry, in loss, in celebration. Find joy in the simple things.

8. Honor, your good name, respect, and virtue were important. Live so that your name is a "good name".

9. Mistaken identity. Usually this occurs in a comical fashion- but the principle is real. Sometimes we are easily fooled. Sometimes by people, sometimes by ideas. Watch out for things that may trick us or get us off track.

10. Types, yes there is always a fool, some one who is melancholy, a jester, a knave, a villain. At the end of the day what type are you?

So if you are looking for a something to add to your movie queue- throw in As You Like It and see if you can't find these little reminders. (SMART TIP: I always watch shakespeare with the subtitles turned on- I find it helps me process and appreciate the words even more)

1. good flicks
2. the talents of others
3.a quiet hour when my children are all asleep


aubrey said...

oooh! thanks for the review. i just put it on my netflix queue!

LL said...

i need to add it to the list. as soon as I take the time to watch B and P.
so many things to do, so little time :)

Kristen said...

I just found your blog and I have to say, it's one of my new favorites. I was looking online for ideas for my 6 year old son's outerspace birthday party and it lead me to your site. I would love to know how you made that fabulous spaceship birthday cake and if you have any ideas to make his party a success I would greatly appreciate it!!

smart mama said...

kristen- here is the link to my post about it-- it was a blast- you can email me if you have questions (link on my profile page) also here was this years 7th- star wars party- good luck- the cakes were fun and easier than you'd think! come around anytime- Les