Sunday, September 24, 2006

The rest of my week's lessons

Well if I haven't learned enough lesson- my week finished out great--
1. Don't eat at qdoba or you might get food poisoning with horrendous stomach cramps
2. The great deals on t shirts at Gap may lure you into buying 9 of them
3. Making a vat of 40 cups of creamy zucchini soup will dirty every large container in your house
4. Smart baby will totally blow out a diaper (yes once again thanks qdoba) at the worst possible moment in time (like on your way out of the eye doctor, in the parking lot, all over the stroller in the glaring sun- Note my eyes are completely dilated- the matter had to be tended to on the spot- and was a true test of a mother's love
5. Stepping on a plastic bus while holding smart baby and one handedly unloading the dishwasher will make you fall into the counter as well as seriously bruising your foot and hip.
6. Your child helping you at the printer may result in page 8 of your 9 page talk for church getting left in the printer.

I'm ready for a new week-


Nettie said...

The pain continues! I can't believe you managed an eye apt with smart baby along. How brave are you!

ShelahBooksIt said...

sounds like a an awful, no-good, very bad week.