Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PE and KE

It is amazing how many things in life we cannot see, but feel. Life is filled with “energy” (for lack of a better descriptor) that we can’t seem to define or measure in quantitative terms- it relies on qualitative measures and descriptions, but even then we are lacking. We all have experienced in a variety of forms.

I was thinking about this today as I was playing with smart baby in the studio- and thinking about what prompts me to paint, and what prompts me to paint what I paint and (and yes this is the part that I sound like a crazy artist- which I have vowed never to become) Simple put there is just “creative energy”—you feel it and it has to be released. Being an artist- I think in terms of colors, patterns, symbols, but when it comes to a good painting- the idea usually just comes- some days you’re just “in the groove”- but I can’t deny there is some greater organized energy that somehow translates those simple electrical impulses in my brain to make my hand put this paint here or there and ultimately yield something beautiful.

Our relationships are full of this unmeasurable energy. I am interested in what motivates us, connects us- what prompts us to do things--To smile at some people and not others, what makes us click with some people and not with others, (and I don’t think science has all the answers when they try to break it down in simple physical/emotional attraction) What makes us some people so easily forgettable and others so unforgettable? No I am not just talking about charismatic people, but I am talking about the experience everyone has had when the sum is greater that the simple addition of its parts. How do some people spark something inside of you? The question that begs is not only how this happens, but the more intriguing question why? Why are we meant to connect in deep ways with seeming random people in our lives? What are we supposed to do with that resultant energy?

This has become a theme in a lot of my paintings, both branch painting and the chain garden series, both of which really explore the unique connections, that fabulous energy that emerges from our relationships.

So are just full of an endless supply of this potential energy? What is that flashpoint that ignites our potential energy into this kinetic energy?

I am sure I know the answers to some degree, but sometimes I find it so strange to be in such a measurable scientific world and yet friendship, chemistry, love, passion, beauty, art, inspiration, and genius, would seem to have no place.


Lei said...

double commenting today - too good a post to pass up - i can so relate... in music, when i was dancing, when i am writing or creating - something definitely takes over and i get high just as if i'd just had a great workout!

Gabriela said...

how interesting to read about the inner thoughts of a not-so-crazy artist. I wish I had a little of that energy!

DMS said...

When you are painting your branches and chains, do you consciously think about those relationships as you are painting, or are you thinking about branches and chains? Do you think in pictures or thoughts as you paint?

smartmama said...

(that is part of the hidden secrets in each painting)- its kind of funny because some people are often in my mind "responsible" for a given painting- sometimes i feel like thanking them for inspiring it in a round about way but that seems wierd-especially because the link generally isn't always direct? -you know i don't really think in terms of thoughts or pictures- more symbols- color choices/compositional to represnt emotions or things

Nettie said...

Deep thoughts, Smart Mama. If you could find the secret of how and why we get into that "groove" either in creating, producing or relating, you would have identified one of the most valuable bits of knowledge out there.

Sabra said...

the force is strong with this one.

there is a, um, disertation (?) by a member of the Seventy you need to read about Intelligence. Capital I.

also, your post makes me think about a quote i love by Martha Grahm ( I can't spell. Lei, I'm sure, as a learned dancer, can correct me) "There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost."

I think this is part of teh reason that it is so important to HF to share our talents. I think there is something sacred and important there that is beyond our mortal understanding.