Monday, September 11, 2006

raising kids with smarts and style??

So the top header/slogan on my child magazine reads: Raising kids with smarts and style- I had never noticed it before, and this time when i did it made me laugh- Because as you all know raising my kids with smarts is important to me but style??? – definitely not in my 2 of things i want for my kids- there are probably 50 other descriptors that i think would define my parenting and ultimate dreams for my child before style. Let's see-

can you imagine smarts and style on your epitaph? I don't think you get into heaven for being stylish?

The fact that i have overlooked this header in my years of subscription, probably explains that very silly page in each issue that shows what celebs are buying for their babies- This feature always backfires for me because

1. I never buy highly over priced unnecessary superflous items
2. I am anti hollywood hype and therefore would not buy the items out of spite for our celebrity worshipping culture-
3. The in thing has never been big with me-I like to be my own person, i don't buy stuff because you tell me its cool.

but now you know - if you're really hoping to raise your kids with smarts and style- child magazine is the mag for you...


Gabs said...

No, "stylish" would not be a word to describe me or my parenting.


ubercyl said...

Ok, I might be taken in by a magazine that promised to help me raise my kids with elan and flair. Or decorate my home with elan and flair. Or drive my car with elan and flair. Mainly because I love the words "elan" and "flair."

Stephanie said...

Amen to you sister! I don't want my kids to think that how they look on the outside is more important than who they are on the inside. I want them to be cleaned and groomed and all, but "stylish"? I don't think so.

Nettie said...

I have bad news for you then. I've seen the pictures of your house. There's no way your boys are going to grow up without a sense of style, because you've definitely got it! (Not that cheap Hollywood stuff that some think is style, either.)

But, I agree, style is not at the head of the "must teach" list. Have you seen that new magazine "Wonder Time"?

DMS said...

I like what "nettie" said as it is so true. She's right you do have style and that was the first thought I had after reading your blog. Howver, your kids will and do have a style and flair all of their own:-)

Valarie said...

if not for the celebrity feature, I'd think it was intended to mean a certain attitude or manner, not so much fashion.

as in: I'm certain your kids are going to have a style all their own.

itybtyfrog said...

My kids are definately not stylish (especially my baby in her twice passed down hand-me-downs), but I do hope to raise (super) smart children.

ellen said...

Were you at the BYU/BC game today? I saw someone that looked like you.