Monday, September 04, 2006

labor day labors

well labor brought much labor to our house. our friend patrick and smart daddy-o took the family room from this to this. yes it required some death defying acts on one skyscraperesque ladder and some serious "skills" with a roller and brush.

smart daddy-o then helped smart son build a creature habitat and taught him to ride without training wheels

smart mama spent the day dusting and vacuuming the hitherto hidden parts of the family room which had slumbered untouched for 5 yrs. She also cleaned like mad to prepare for her upcoming 2 weeks of various rounds of company and attempted to follow all the special instructions requisite of parent with a child starting school. ("label towel with childs name, place towel in bag with childs name, please label all belongings, fill out and return to school," etc.)

smart son- well aside from the riding, building, and brainstorming of his own puppetshow-like (only without puppets)series loosely based on the popular mechanics for kids radical rockets show- Radical submarines, radical lizards, radical machines - the kicker was radical hummingbirds (LOL)!He completed his masterpiece his get to know you block for kindergarten!

and yes on a sad note--my smarty starts school tomorrow- that is a big day for a mama-- where does the time go--


emlouisa said...

Beautiful! Love the color!!!! That's what color I want to paint our family room!

The Constant Gardener said...

It looks great!! I can't imagine doing the trim work on around that ceiling!!

Valarie said...

I love your house a little more with every picture that I see.

I hope smartson has a fabulous first day.

Nettie said...

Had a vaulted ceiling once, so when I say that was quite the feat to accomplish in one day, I mean it!

I love the color! (What is it called?) And who plays the guitar and the piano?

Hope smart son has a great first day!

Lei said...

I would feel so at home in your living room - seriously we have the exact same color scheme!

smartmama said...

thanks guys-
the color is belle grove light amber (Lowe's american tradition-- onf the national trust colors)it covered great-

smart daddy-o plays the guitar -- he used to play everyday but fatherhood takes alot of the guitar time-

the piano- no one- smart daddy-o can read music and play some but no one "really plays" hopefully th boys one day

and thanks- smart son just got home and said to smart daddy-o on the phone- "I just liked school too much!"

Stephanie said...

OH, I LOVE that creamy yellow. I am with Emlousia. That is almost the same color we have picked for our family room. I am glad you didn't have to get up on that ladder.

Good luck with the first day of school!

txmommy said...

it looks great, I love the color!

DMS said...

Oooooo, the yellow looks fantastic. Perfect, good call. Can't wait to see it in person.

Love B's get to know you box. I'm on it:-) Thanks for the idea! -donna

Gabs said...

I love your colors. Very nice home. And I am crying over your piano-I want a real one so.bad.

Jane said...

I love the color too!

They did an awesome job.

So glad your ds loved the first day of school.