Thursday, May 11, 2006

now that's smart

i love "smart ideas". i hate stupid ideas...generally smart ideas are not praised enough and stupid ideas are not "boo"ed enough. At least once a week there will be sometime I will say to my husband-- "Really who thought that was a good idea?"

So here are some "smarts" and "stupids" i have been contemplating lately...

1. local library magazine swap bins-- out in the hall there are 8 giant bins for magazines (put in your gently-read magazines- take others magazines to read) it is a great form of recycling- i love grabbing a stack of scientific american, country home, elle decor for my bathtub reading pleasure. (also appeals to "cheap mama") So SMART!!

2. the velcro patches on my new britax carseat that hold the straps open while you put your child in (also appeals to "time saver/tired of wrenching my babies arms mama")-- So SMART!

3. Robeez shoes- they stay on babies all day (also appeals to "conservation of energy mama") - So SMART

1. Straps on highchair that cannot be removed for washing (booed by "the attainment of clean is impossible mama"-- c'mon what were you thinking!!

2. A white cotton skirt with a dry clean only label (booed by any "wear it more than once mama")

3. People litter out their car windows-(booed by "wanna see me decorate your yard with fast food cups and cigarette buts mama")


s'mee said...

1st time visitor (thanks LDS chicks!)

O MY HECK! I am older, but I totally agree with each of your smart and stupid choices!

When my kids were little we used the library to rotate classic art. I had a plce in the hallway where we would change out great works once a month. It was terrfic!

Velcro in the car seat?!!! I need to do that for the grand kid.

It completely gags me to think of all the straps on everything communal from high chairs to strollers to shopping carts ACK! I want to boil myself! lol

And seriously. My sis and I are practically campaigning for a bill that would allow one to gather all the cigarette butts and redeposit them on the user's door step. ugh!

Great post, I'll be back!

ShelahBooksIt said...

stupid-- a third row in the van that's not wide enough to hold three car seats. Why do you think we buy the minivans, people? Because we have a lot of kids!

Sabra said...

smart--the Open/Close label on the ziplock bags. It's nice to just be able to glance at the bag, as you're throwing the snack-stuffed baggie into the diaperbag, and know its closed.

stupid--the name of the brand of tissue my employer purchases. Fluff Out. I mean, really?!!?!

Fun idea, Smart Momma

steph said...

I wonder if my library has those bins, it really is a great idea!

Lei said...

How funny Les.

I'm going to have to sew velcro on my car seat cover now!!! That's ingenius!

Nettie said...

I wish we had magazine bins at my library! I'll have to suggest it. Shelah - agree about the van bench. Who is supposed to be sitting 3 to a seat in there anyway? Adults can't fit either!

Gabriela said...

Your ideas are great.

My husband and his brother sit on the phone sometimes and think up businesses they are going to start. Here is one I had to nix:

"Frozen pizza toppings" as in "you know, to go on the boboli crust".

Sure. Woman are going to buy a boboli crust, sauce, and frozen pizza toppings and assemble them when they could, in one fowl (foul? Never written out that phrase) swoop, buy a frozen pizza. Yeah.

Want to sell products to a mom? think like a mom or at least talk to a mom first.

QueenMeadow said...

Great post!

I only have one idea to contribute and its a stupid one.

Stupid idea - including two giant bolts to fasten ds' tricycle seat on the frame, too fat to screw on very far so it keeps falling off! grrr.

Andrea said...

I totally agree with the highchair thing. How stupid is that!!!!

handiemom said...

Wow -- velcro on car seats. What will they think of next?

I totally agree with all three stupid ideas. Especially white skirts. Never wear them.

Great post!

Stephanie said...

Smart--tagless more whining about it "itching", bleach-pens, & tide-to-go pens

Stupid--anything made for a child that is "dry-clean only" & kiddie juice pouches that spout out red juice at the slightest squeeze, and men who design kitchens.

Zoe said...

I have never heard of the velcro in the car seats. That sounds cool. My mom sent Myles a pair of Robeez about a year ago . . .they are my favorite shoes for him. Unfortunately they are not the best for his currently rowdy lifestyle!! LOL!

Cute picture!

emlouisa said...

I love the velcro straps on my Britax. And the bins? What a fab idea!!!!

Lammy said...

Happy Mother's Day!