Wednesday, May 17, 2006

what are you listening to...

nothing like itunes--I love picking out new songs-- it is so nice to just pick and choose all your favorites--sadly such freedom can lead to wild reckless itunes abandon-- to keep my impulsivity in check they sit in a hold list for a week or two while i decide if it is really worth my 99 cents... but i love music and i think it speaks interesting things about our personalities... heres a peek at the top items on our playlists at the moment

Smart Mama (yep i've been mellow lately)
Stranded (Van Morrison)
Dream a Little Dream of Me (Mamas and the Papas)
Walking After You (Foo Fighters)
A Little Less Conversation (Elvis)- (I totally missed my go-go girl calling! Love to shake it!)

Smart Son (highly skilled in itunes)
Spider-Man theme (Michael Buble)
Rainbow Connection (Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band)
I Will Never Clean up my room (brave combo)

Smart Baby (just starting to dance!)
Barnyard Dance from Rhinoceros Tap (Sandra Boynton)
Keep The Customer Satisfied (Simon and Garfunkel)
3Rs (Jack Johnson)

whats on your list?


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

That's fun - hubby and I keep an ipod list going for when we get one. Mine would include lots of U2 and Barenaked Ladies, disco, and just for a palate cleanser, Weird Al. :)

Gabriela said...

Our latest download was the "Bad Day" song from American Idol. My kids love it.

Sabra said...

showing my unhipness: i do not own an ipod.
But my current CDs in the visor-thingee of my car are: Sting, INXS, Jack Johnson, Tracy Chapman, Metalica, Shrek 2 soundtrack, and Wallflowers.

and, I also wanted to add that Mammas and the Papas as well as Van Morison will ever be in my top favorite artists of all time list.

Meemer said...

is not Itunes the absolute coolest site ever? Dh and I will sit up late nights and just sample all the music we remember from growing up. We don't yet have an ipod, but my hard drive is crammed full of 99 cent music!

Lei said...

Have you ehard Sarah MacLachlan's Rainbow Connection? Love it.

Lately everything is a rap... yes, Drew dances to book reading and I have had to throw in a few snaps and rhyming to make it more interesting, lol.

Nettie said...

The beauty of ipod is you can have so many songs from so many different artists! We listen to a little bit of everything. Our latest fun download is "Fish Heads" by Barnes and Barnes on the album Voohbaha!

handiemom said...

OK, I don't have an ipod either. I still use CDs! But I'm very into Nicole Nordeman lately and just got her new album for Mother's Day.

And I have to admit that I have become entranced with American Idol this season. When Chris Daughtry makes a CD, I'm buying it!

handiemom said...
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