Sunday, May 14, 2006


I have always been impressed by this quote from Mother Teresa because it seems to capture the true essence of motherhood.
" We must not drift away from humble works, because these
are the works nobody will do. It is never too small. We are so small we look at
things in a small way. But God almighty sees everything great. Therefore if you
just go and sit and listen,- go visit somebody, or bring somebody a flower-
small things, wash clothes for somebody, or clean the house, very humble work
.that is where you and I must be. For there are many people who can do big
things. But there are very few who will do the small things.”

To my great mother and all the great women today-- Happy Mothers Day thanks for being BIG enough to do the little tasks of love


Nettie said...

Happy Mothers Day to you to, Smart Mama!

itybtyfrog said...

What a great is afterall those little things that mother's work so hard at doing. Hope your Mother's Day was great.

emlouisa said...

I love that!! Thanks so much for sharing it!