Sunday, May 21, 2006

10 GREAT Foreign Things- Morocco Edition

Here in America we are often a little haughty and think we have cornered the market on all good things-- well I am here to say after traveling the world, some other places definitely have some things up on us-- so over a few weeks i will highlight some of my favorite things about countries i have been to --Country of the day- MAROC aka Morocco- you want a fun, exotic, cheap, trip (okay cheap once you get there) go to Morocco

1. Moroccan food--rocking tagines-- love love love moroccan food. I fell in love with the food before I ever went to Morocco, I first encountered it on a high school field trip to Mahtam Fez in Denver. It is so savory- the lemon and olive chicken, 7 vegetable couscous-- mmmmm. Sadly, there aren't many moroccan resteraunts in the US! ( a great moroccan feast)

2. Communal eating, many courses, the whole social experience, even eating with your hands--(I can now form a mean couscous ball) perfect for a girl like me who loves a great dinner party

3. Best fresh orange juice 10 cents a glass in the souk

4. Killer Hot Chocolate-- the best cups of hot chocolate I have ever had hands down--i think it was European but i will never know I couldn't get the waiter to sell me a can, i think he thought i was joking (although they are quite obsequious to blonde american women)

5. Schwepps Citron (not to be confused with Absolut citron) think bubbly lemonade

6. Melody arabia the MTV of the arab world (24 arab music videos--great tunes and definitely not risque) nothing like getting ready in the morning to an arabic version of the sinatra classic "My Way". Seriously if you want a taste- get this CD it is one of our family favorites ARABIC GROOVE -- favorite song L'histoire - Cheb Tarik (listen to the snipet on amazon you won't regret it)

7. Shopping in the market-- I bargain like a native- and the goods in morocco are fabulous- the plates, the wood work, the lanterns, the shoes, the jewelry, the rugs, the food. Sadly when returning from a medical mission one of my suitcases was lost never to be found (thanks Royal Air Maroc) and I still mourn the loss. (some of my treasures in our family room)

8. The general art and style- love the islamic art, archways, tile work, intricate carvings-- my dream home would defintely have strong moroccan elements

9. Bedouin tents-- okay you see them in the movies but seriously they are so cool I still remember arriving at the hospital the first day and what did they have set up for the patients being screened- a giant bright colored striped tent- with tassels and carpets on the ground-- totally love it!

10. The hospitality- the people are so warm, so friendly- I can't say enough good things about my Moroccan friends. (me in the playroom with some patients)


Andrea said...

couscous is the best! I would love to try some moroccan food!

emlouisa said...

You are too cool. Morocco? Cool.

Valarie said...

I think I'm going to love this series.

Gabriela said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I am now totally hungry. And thirsty, bubbly lemonade and great OJ? I want to go.

P.S. did you go to HS in Denver, or just take a field trip there? (Colorado native here)

Linsey said...

I went to a Moroccan Restaurant once... I thought I wouldn't like it for some reason. But I was wrong it was so good.

Sunny said...

What a really cool place to visit!!! I really like good moroccan food, yum!

Lei said...

I agree - a rich culture. Would love to go there! I love their fabrics, etc. My mom's dad was in the military and spent time there... he purchased an entire flatware set which I now have. I'm not sure I'll ever use it! It's gold and beautiful...

Stephanie said...

I love all the pictures from your travels. I agree with Andrea...LOVE couscous!

Vlyb said...

I have never tried Moroccan food...another addition to my "to do" list. I just found that I love Indian food.

And ditto Em...You are cool!