Friday, May 19, 2006

smart baby's birthday

Smart Baby is 1!

The party theme we are going for this year is understated. Since smart daddy-o was returning from a week south of the border there has been little time for the crafting of a great party production- It was just the four of us because smart daddy-o gave me less than 24 hr notice of his return date and breezed in from the airport 30 min before bedtime. I was not about to invite guests over to my house in it's "week of single parenting aka disaster area state"

I decided to break out the star tip and my 15 year old cow cake pan (yes I still remember making one with my friends ryan, brad, and andrea for our friend amanda's birthday)-- All i can say is this one is NOT going in the smart mama cake hall of fame--that afternoon I had smart baby wailing, attached to my legs, tossing things out of the garbage and wreaking general havoc and mass destruction on the kitchen. I attempted with great hinderance (lets just say for the white frosting alone i went through 4 parchment bags- yes it was a cursed cake!) to squeeze out a million icing stars- I decided he is one and has yet to develop any aesthetic sense, smart son was still WOWed by the awesome cake spectacle as my fine motor frosting work still school his 5 yr old "skills" and all smart daddy-o and i care about is eating it! So when faced with a great moral dilemma (ignore wailing child vs. produce a masterful cake) I chose the child and so don't look closely at the cake!

Smart baby rocks my world- even with waking up in the night, pulling my hair, extreme mom attachment phase, making a b-line for the stairs with a crazed maniacal laugh every couple minutes, throwing onto the floor every food he gets tired of- I totally adore him! And with his birthday i learned he did inherit one great thing from me-- a love of cake. Here's to many more great years and many more great cakes!


Nettie said...

Happy Birthday, Smart Baby! It looks like he found your cake delightful, and he's the one your trying to impress. I'm still impressed, myself. I definitely lack the skill or patience to make thousands of frosting stars!

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday to you, Smart Baby! How exciting. He is so cute.

itybtyfrog said...

The first cake I ever decorated was a garfield face the size of a salad plate. I did it with the little stars, and it took forever! I am so impressed you did a WHOLE cake that way...that takes a lot of patience. Smart Baby looks like he loved it! He is so adorable!

ShelahBooksIt said...

love the cake! I was hoping smartdad would make it home for the party!

Zoe said...

Ok, you have the cutest baby!!!