Tuesday, May 02, 2006

weekend update

We had a quite a weekend- friday at 5 pm I came down with mastitis - and I still hadn't finished preparing a 45 minute talk I had to give 3x on saturday at a youth conference in Albany, NY. I was so miserable I couldn't even think and things just weren't coming together cohesively. My husband kept telling me i had to call and cancel- there was no way i could go in my current state. I said no I wouldn't cancel yet- I had to just had to pray, and go to bed with advil and antibiotics and hope for the best. Saturday morning, I woke up feeling okay and finally had the inspiration to get my workshop finished and gather the necessary supplies. We get the troops in the car and head out to Albany a couple hours away.
My talk was on "Keeping up with Technology While Staying Wired in to the Spirit". I had a fun display (the teacher in me has to have visual aids) which was Lessons you can learn about the wise use of technology from... clock (the imperative nature of our society, time can't be recycled), ant farm (this was a big hit- my sons gel antworks ant farm-- for keeping eternal perspective- staying focused), a watermelon (acted out a great story from elder oaks talk about valuing what you have), white noise (the busyness of our lives that keep us from pondering), plate heaped with junk food and 1 carrot (the unimportant stuff that we let fill up our time the balance of nourishing spirits) and seeds (law of the harvest, eternal nature of our choices). We talked about how different technologies are changing our culture for good and bad and then some questions to ask yourself that were all technology lingo (what are you downloading to your Spirit? are your batteries runnign low? are you secure from the adversary? etc.) I am so grateful for the Spirit and how it guides us, it makes things come together and it makes the words come out, I love when you get to witness and be a part of that process. I have given a lot of talks, but this one was different, it was a very memorable experience for me. I felt totally miserable on the way out, miserable on the back- but fine when I was there- I know there was a purpose in me going and i know prayers are answered.

Smart Dad took the boys to nearby Howe caverns where they enjoyed touring the caves and cracking geodes while I gave my talks- and out to dinner at Friendly's.

oh and no early morning meetings- we all actually got to go to church at the same time in the same car-- a 2-3x a year occurrence-- yeehaw!!!

And that is my weekend update...


itybtyfrog said...

I hope you are feeling better. Your talk sounded great!!! What ingenious ideas. You are so clever!

Nettie said...

You do have great ideas. Want to come be in our YW program? I sure hope your antibiotics have kicked in and you are feeling better. Mastitis-ouch!