Friday, August 22, 2008

have a slice of the "celebration of kindness" cake

When I returned home from the grocery store last night it was as though Samantha from Bewitched had twitched her nose and cast a helpful, cheerful, do no wrong, spell on my boys. They greeted me and asked to carry the groceries up. Then they proceeded to put them away, the effusively thanked me for purchasing foods they liked (like Colby jack cheese). They offered each other things, and complimented each other. This was all done proactively, with jovial spirits and no encouragement. Seriously I have never seen them so good. I was stunned.

I asked my husband if something really "bad" had gone down in my absence and they were scared or threatened into such obedience? Had they been bribed? Alterior motive? Maybe there was something in the water? Were they trying out customer service skills? Had I died without knowing it and was now in Heaven? Was I dreaming? Just like those polite well mannered kids in black and white TV shows. Alas there was no explanantion... totally spontaneous pure acts of love and service. Still reeling with shock and elation of this motherhood nirvana I decided a celebration of kindness was in order and proclaimed Friday "Celebration of Kindness" Night. The boys helped me make this cake to celebrate the momentous day of kindness and perfection which will forever live in our family history.

This also shows if you shock me with extreme kindness you may be rewarded with a cake!

My thankful 3- 1. return of my camera cord 2. dressers sorted 3. reading "the loveables" to #2


Christy said...

Hmm! What can I do nice for smart mama. So glad to have you back, it seems that the vacation had a wonderful calming effect on the babes!

Sabra said...

wow! i need some of that bewiching at my house. maybe we need a vaca?

Jenny said...

I LOVE it when those moments happen! A smart mama's true reward--everything else is just icing on the... well, you DO know! Hooray for gratitude.

LL said...

you're a good woman!
and a FUN mom...way to go smart family!!!

Becky said...

I love celebrating the positives in our lives. Sometimes it's easier focusing on the negatives. Hooray to you and if you don't mind, I just might have to adopt this tradition. Thanks for the great example!

smart mama said...

christy and sabra- yep i am owing it to vaca I guess?
jenny- so witty!
becky- hey i love coming up with cheesy reasons for parties- anything for a cake.

swimmingmom said...

How fun. Way to reward positive behavior!