Tuesday, August 05, 2008

click on me- play in the digital age

I had to laugh today when my 3 year old lined up 4 of his paintings face down and then said, "Mom, click on me!" Yes in this sequence I was to play the role of a computer mouse When I "clicked" on him (which meant tapping the spot where his hands where) he would then flip over the piece and reveal the painting. Oh how technology changes the generations.

And shout out to my 7 year old who worked for hours on a new painting, while professing his love of creating abstract art. It's neat to see your child develop their creative instincts. Every color was blended with subtle variations and transitions- nothing straight from the tube. It is amazing to see him developing a sense of composition knowing where put color naturally to balance a painting and create harmony. Things I couldn't teach him, things you learn by doing. I was really impressed with his work today. It just reminds me how much this generation needs good creative activities! So my challenge of the day- stop and do an art project! Go ART! Creativity Rocks!
My Thankful 3:
1. entertaining boys
2. one suitcase fully packed
3. baths all around


Jamie said...

I'm thinking it was his lack of clothing that really spured this creativity on!

smart mama said...

LOL- i wondered if I should explain that- sans shirt because in my own words
"I like that shirt and I don't want you getting paint on it - so you have to take it off!"

Smilin' sunshine said...

I am impressed that you can handle the mess with children painting!

smart mama said...

see d I shoot myself in the foot all the time- thats the trouble I am a sucker for creative play!

Holly said...

You are a great mom....I have a hard time with paints and kids. I need to let my hair down and know that it is good for them and that it can always be cleaned up....most of the time! lol