Sunday, August 03, 2008

curse those developmental milestones!

I love child development, after all I spent quite a few years and thousands of hours studying it. However sometimes it can be a thorn in the side. This week my 8 mo old became a fast mover, yep no more sitting and looking around punctuated by slow little scoots no we have progressed to full tail haul across the room. I see it, I want it, I get it! Is the mantra of the day.
We are now on the look out for all things choking hazard. He did almost kill himself this week trying to ingest an entire Kleenex (he snagged on the fly unbeknownst to me and chewed into a matted ball) think giant spit wad- perfect for windpipe clogging-- don't scare me so son. Now I must be lego and playmobil and marble clean up nazi!
This brings to a hasty end my days of a carefree studio with sheets and brushes and palettes and canvases strewn about. (as you can see above he loves to crawl in and out of them, pull them down and rub his hands all over them).
I have tried to convince him to shrink back to a 8 pound size and be content be held and sleep but he's not buying it... alas farewell my baby--welcome my little boy.
My thankful 3
1. a boy growing up right on schedule
2. the joy of discovery
3. agency in its smallest forms


Smilin' sunshine said...

Love him! He is too cute. Isn't it unfortunate that they don't stay little longer??!!

Although I must say that I don't miss the diapers and not sleeping through the night!

Jenny said...

A darling dude! Life gets harder then you adjust and it gets easier again! But you already knew that. I hated that crawling and scooting stage because their hands, knees and tootsies were immediate evidence of what a poor floor cleaner I am! Your studio has so much color and activity going on that you can hardly see the tot! What beauty.

LL said...

How about the fact that you failed to mention his MONSTER GROWL.
He is hilarious!
i love that little tot...i feel the need to babysit him one of these days.

Cathy said...

Monster Growl? Have you heard the child snore, during the sacrament? Too funny.
Best of luck in the days of roaming the house by ss#3

smart mama said...

he is a noisy sleeper and a great growler- we encourage our kids to develop all their talents--

yes dawn could you talk to him about sleeping through the night i'd dig that!