Friday, June 06, 2008

lessons from collage

Yes, lately I have been into mixed media/collage pieces. I know, I know enough already, you all signed up to read a mommy blog not a crazy artist blog! But the therapeutic professional side of me begs the question why? The surface answer is probably because it is something I can start and stop easily. Lately by 9:15pm I am just too tired for much of anything, maybe I need something that doesn't require much exertion. I think there is something deeper though.

Life as a mom can be hectic, and bluntly chaotic (at least my life lately- but I think that comes with having 3 boys in very disparate stages). I think this mixed media drive is a subconscious way of trying to make order from chaos. It echoes a greater theme in my life. When I pull images for collages I cut one little one inch square from a page, often a relatively mundane image, but one little part is so captivating, that perfect glowing light or texture of glass or balance of colors in a pattern. In almost every image there are these glorious little "bits" and "scraps" of brilliance. These tiny treasures when all put together make something beautiful. Putting them next to each other unifies them, shows them off, and the plain background sort of fades out. All the tidbits unify to create a rich image that only proves more exciting upon closer examination. These collages echo my life as a mom, sorting through my days, finding the moments, the treasures in my interactions with my kids, gathering together and adding them up to make something beautiful. The plain background is still there but only to contrast the beauty of the individual piece.
while i am at it- This week's pieces of the week- 1- Nest 2-Roses
On the art front a shamless mom shout out for my SS#1 who found out yesterday that his painting won 1st prize in the Curious George's (the coolest kids book/toy store in Harvard Square) art competition. It was so exciting for him, I can't wait to see what he cashes in his $50 gift certificate for!
My three for the day
1. other parents who relate
2. wise teachers through my career
3. a quiet night of creativity


The Orton's said...

I am truly grateful for your act of kindness today. I absolutely love my gift and will treasure it. Wow! What great blogging friends I have. Thanks for the pick-me-up when I needed it. Still miserably suffering but this made life a little more bearable today. Thankyou!!!:)

Arlyn said...

Congrats to SS#1 on his painting. I'm not surprised that he won. I was impressed by it the first time you posted that picture! He must be feeling mighty happy!

LL said...

way to go SS! maybe he could put that $50 towards that tree house he was talking about yesterday!
my life feels like a collage, a messy not order collage.

swimmingmom said...

Yay for SS!!!! Woo hooo! Hey, is that Curious George store the same as what Wordsworth's used to be?