Monday, June 16, 2008

spontaneous strawberry fun

This morning brought an email from our favorite farm saying strawberry picking had begun. So on a spur of the moment whim I loaded up my boys and headed for the land of berries. Our friends, joined in our Berryland extravaganza. It was a little cool and rain (so much so that my 3 year insisted on walking the fields with his baby brothers blanket tied around him cape style to keep warm). They were the perfect first berries of the season (I realized home much better I like picking early in the season when there aren't any rotten ones yet!) Even though my trip was small and spontaneous - the subsequent yield of the adventure- 10 lbs of strawberries determined the rest of my days activities. Lets just say Jam jamboree to be accompany many future loaves of homemade bread . I schooled my boys in the fine art of slicing and mashing. A few berries were spared jamming because and nothing says summer goodness like strawberry pie! (which will serve as a nutritious fruity breakfast for the next few days).
1. making it to the gas station without running out of gas
2. a cool lightening storm
3. charming new england farms


Christy said...

We are very sad we missed out, Charlton Orchards rejected our efforts too. But at least our car was fixed on time.
But we too will obtain the sweet strawberries! One of these days. Your pie looks scrumptious!

Suzie Soda said...

Can I come for dinner?

smart mama said...

erin wanted to go but had a drs appt- maybe you guys can link up-- it is perfect picking rihgt now and not too hot!

sweetpea said...

ooooh, I can't wait for berry picking! We don't have any strawberry farms, but blueberries await us! This is one of my favorite thigns about the summer. Jam and bread sound delicious! Do you do freezer jam or cooked jam? I've done both, and I'm curious to see which you prefer.

Nanci said...

Yum Yum!

Courtney said...

I love strawberry season. But, living in the desert we don't have anything close to strawberry picking.