Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ISO "yo-yo sweet yo-yo" cups

Every child has their quintessential rituals.
Sometime around when my son turned two- he developed a love of "Yo-yo". I think it started as a love for drinkable yogurt, then a mother who refused to pay outlandish prices for drinkable yogurts , so she started mixing milk and yogurt together in a 1:1 concentration to concoct a homemade thrifty version and thus began "yo-yo". Some people wake up to their cup of coffee- for my 2 year old it's "yo-yo". A day doesn't pass without some. I can't knock it-- its healthy and nutritious, a good source of calcium and protein. The catch is has to made made in one of these 2 special style cups leftover from kids meals (triangle lid with the hole spout). My son always prefers the dingy Moe's cup, because he says it is "more beautiful with all the vegetables on it", to the classier crayola cafe one (hauled back from a Kansas city trip one year).

As you can see yo-yo is shaken and not stirred (and shaken in a very specific rhythmic pattern). And SS#2 likes full autonomy in the process, scooping of the yogurt, assisting pour in the milk, helping with the lid, and the all important mixing. And don't you dare put the green lid on the yellow cup or the red lid on the crayola cup. I fear the day when these cups die. The worst is if its a 2 round of yo-yo day and the dishwasher isn't done and I have to scrub them by hand. So I must grow the collection! So please blogging world if you are at a restaurant with this style kids cup -do send it my direction.
The title is a reference to the Yo-yo song on the Dan Zanes family dance Cd which ss2 believes is about his special drink.
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2. peaceful playing in the afternoon
3. almost vacation


Nanci said...

I think it's so interesting how our children get set in their routines at such young ages! One of my sons (now very much an adult) still doesn't handle change very well!

Do you have to pack these cups when you go on vacation or does your mom have some of her own?

Looking forward to the video, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work.

Jamie said...

We're going to have to try this recipe. Maybe I should train my kids to stir it so I won't have to buy any speciality cups.

Funny that North likes drinking out of beautiful cups. Hmmm. I don't think we have one beautiful cup in the house.

Christy said...

I will wait for the day when North is a teenager and can serve me at Jamba Juice. No machines necessary.

sherry said...

You did not tell us the Palmer would be singing the "Yo Yo" song in the background! Say, hope North will still like having his "Yo Yo" in the elephant or puppy dog cups...

smart mama said...

n-we have always used alternative cups on vacation- I hope it won't be an issue for the "ritual"

jamie- thrifty moms make homemade drinkable yogurt-

CJ-yah I see the human jamba juice in his future

mom- I think he'll be okay- they still have a hole you can cover and shake!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Nice video. At first I thought he was 'singing' as he shook, but realized that must be Palmer. Hey, would those disposable sippy cups work (sold at Target) or are they too spill proof?

See you in VA?!


smart mama said...

yes- I could not film without p making noise- the stinker--I'll have to peruse the target sippies--can't wait to see you c!

LL said...

SO funny! it's not quite the "dung beetle" dance, but it's pretty snazzy!
The boy is HILARIOUS! my kids have asked to watch the video over and over.
SS#2-the entertainer!

Arlyn said...

Thanks for the yo-yo recipe! I've only started getting yogurt drinks for my kids because they are so darned expensive. I was at the store that night and bought a tub of yogurt. I shook it up in an empty mayo jar and the whole family got some!