Wednesday, June 18, 2008

backing myself in the proverbial corner

I am good at this- I think i do it subconsciously, probably when because I know myself well enough to know when it is do or die- I do. I always pull it out of the fire. I leave in a matter of hours for 3 weeks in VA!

to get the picture of how i shot myself in the foot--yesterday I:
-promised my kids monkey bread for breakfast ?? (next times its a cereal day!)
-did 5 loads of laundry
-packing 4 people 3 weeks worth of stuff
-allen's promised fathers day roast which has been delayed 3 x
-a stevesongs concert- at 6pm (which was fab)
-end of school year teacher gifts (for the teachers who don't teach him? I found this a bit ironic)
-made 37 cupcakes (chocolate and vanilla at my dear sons bidding) to take to all his friends and various school staff members up till 12 wrapping and tagging summer vacation treats~
-psyching self up and learning the intricacies of train travel c/o the amtrak website with 3 small children
-designing the basement "finish" plan so allen can start on it while I am gone (still deciding one room or two, bathroom, no bathroom?) ahhhh
-trip to the post office
-return library books
-paid this months bills
-6 phone calls!


Suzie Soda said...

I remember those days......5 kids and a crazy mom...that is why I twitch now. Good Luck..I know you will make it happen. The Amtrak is easy from Baltimore if that is where you are coming from...a bus comes only a mile from the airport. I hope I get to see you while you are here. Lv, Suz xoxo
ps Travel safe. pss. You are not allowed to make anymore cupcakes..and that is a direct order from someone with no authority :)

LL said...

isn't that just the way it goes.
I hope you got out the door alright. I can't wait to hear about your travels.
Keep us posted!

Andrea said...

you left blogging off the list...:0). Hope you have a good time! Tell your mom and dad hi from me!

Tamlynn said...

Crazy woman. I would say yes to a bathroom in the basement. Does that help?

Have a great trip!

Jamie said...

I too would say yes to a basement bathroom. You could use it to hide from your next 2 year old. Tee hee hee

Cathy said...

I'm not sure mothers are allowed to leave for vacation with a good nights sleep. It seems as though there is always the last minute frantic things to do.
Enjoy the vacation!
Oh, I'm for the basement bathroom, unless you have to get the toilet with a pump to get it out of the basement. Ya know what I mean?