Thursday, June 26, 2008

summertime and the living is easy

Yes, I am serving up sporadic summer blog fare. I am too busy getting stuff done and relaxing to blog. I do have a few posts percolating but I am too busy enjoying my summer brain to get down to serious writing. In case you were wondering what I have been up to for the last few days:
making new floral arrangements for my moms house
a few shopping trips
going to visit my grandmother everyday for lunch
taking my petless boys to play with Hobie D&As fun labradoodle
out for dinner and gelato with D&A
buying new makeup for my mom
taking the boys to maymont park
harvesting many veggies from my parents garden
trying new recipes
sleeping in til 9:30 am and taking naps when I want
taking baths in the big tub
catching up on books and magazines
lunch and swimming at Westwood
seeing old friends
doing homemade coldstone over and over again
eating a yummy edible arrangement that I got from friends today YUM!
giving ss#3 baths in his new ducky tub
And can't wait to get together this week with three more sets of friends coming to town! My friend em and her son bentley coming from northern VA, my friend Chelsea coming up from NC, and our friends the Tooley's coming from CO.
(my apologies on pictures- blogger is being very temperamental- I'll try to add them later)
1. being spoiled by my parents
2. being with good friends
3. summer


LL said...

if I didn't feel like you TOTALLY deserved every minute of bliss, I might be jealous.
I'm glad your having such a great time...don't forget the rest of us back here in the humidity and primary chaos :)
j/k, i'm leaving soon myself. AHHH SUMMER. I love it!

Trueman twins said...

I am so glad that you're living the easy life! Enjoy!

Arlyn said...

That sounds wonderful! How do you get your kids to leave you alone long enough for a BATH? I've been wanting one so bad!

Christy said...

So glad you are having a blast! The vegi's down there come up sooner, we are still waiting!

Tamlynn said...

Bliss. Sounds like your summer is everything it should be! Enjoy.

We're Wingin It said...

That looks yummy. And we used to take our kids dog visiting too. Now that we have one of our own, and the accompanying smells and mess, I kind of wished we could just babysit once in awhile!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Your husband gave a great talk today! Sorry you missed it. Yes, we are attending your ward. It is great and our kids love it!! We met your husband at dinner tonite, can't wait for you to come home!! Enjoy your time at grandma's!! Gotta love it!

aubrey said...

sounds like a wonderful summer vacation! glad you are having fun!

swimmingmom said...

Hey, miss ya! I keep having these ideas to run past ya, but you're not here :-( I LOVE labradoodles. Soo cute and fun. Kept meaning you invite you dh over for dinner with us while you were gone,but I'm a slacker. Good thoughts though!

swimmingmom said...

Oops typos!