Monday, September 15, 2008

smart cookie

Something magic happened to my kids between 5 and 6:30- some wave of extreme niceness crashed through our house like a tsunami (this in contrast to an hour prior when I could be heard saying "you will not be allowed to talk to your dad on the phone unless you put your clothes on!)-- seriously compliments were flying in all direction. There was peaceful sharing, nay blatant sacrificing of the coveted crispy orange chicken from cheng-du. Children were willfully choosing the other person's favorite songs for family night, offering thoughtful. long sincere prayers. For a moment I thought My house fell out of a church video. I told them if this behavior kept up I could not be restrained form throwing a massive party for them this weekend.

The best part was when my #1 volunteered to do the FHE lesson.
It started with this comment, "Mom you know fortune cookies can actually be really helpful?! They provide lots of good advice especially for small children!"
"hmmm, well I guess so...", I remarked.
He then gave his spur of the moment FHE lesson which turned into an excellent treatise on how to be a good friend, complete with friendshipping scenarios and nursery peer entry strategies. All based on my profound fortune "To have a friend, be a friend".
Moral of the story: When in doubt, go for Chinese... you underestimate the many benefits- less dishes for mom, magical kindness powers, and inspirational family lessons from a single cookie!
1. a lucky mom 2. electricity (my poor Bf is still w/out it in Houston!) 3. Magical kindness


Arlyn said...

Unfortunately, we did not have your experience. Maybe it was the sausage and peppers fortune cookie.

But we DID have FHE...whether they liked it or not! ;)

Good job on raising some awesome kids!

Jenny said...

chinese food has that effect at my house... why just this afternoon my mother brought her chinese leftovers to our house! the coveted afternoon snack of the world had magically arrived in our fridge, and suddenly there were 'i love yous' being thrown around like confetti. I'm thinking its worth the trip.

Becky said...

I'm off to buy some chinese food!:)

Anonymous said...

how wonderful!!

Swimmingmom said...

AWww,how cute! Way to go smart son numero uno. I can picture it all quite clearly!

Darius said...

I was wondering if anyone believes in destiny?