Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blogs I love

Sheree recently highlighted me as a blog she loves. I feel really special because she is such a fun, "cool" person. We bonded last summer over shared makeup, late nights, and talk of glowsticks. I would love to share more of the blogging love with some other great bloggers- I am supposed to pick 7- that is torture for one like me who enjoys readership of many blogs. One of the treats of blogging is finding new blogs that you love, and the way it mixes circles of friendship so I'll try to mix some circle here...
LL over at Lewis Family Letters- Always a diligent poster- seriously you know something is going terribly wrong if she hasn't posted that day. So fun IRL and has a great laugh- you may know her from her great semianry condolence basket- and know for sneaking em choclate in church.
Becky at The Orton Family- seriously fun and (funny) and an amazingly strong woman who I admire and can't wait to see again. She even brings me moose munch (how can you not like someone like that.
Shelah at Hitting the Ground Running, My BFF, who permeates the blogosphere and is also known for her writing at Blog Segullah and FMH. I live through her vicariously running achievements while sitting on my couch eating pie. She's a super smarty and does great book reviews and has been my confidante of the past 15 yrs!
Courtney over at Five Under Five- Her life is always full of adventure (just can't imagine keeping up with triplets and 2 others!) and she is settling into New Jersey living.
Catherine aka Bluestocking mama, One of my favorite friends, and a great writer, busy kicking out her her dissertation on women's online literacy (which totally justifies my blogging) Who has to hurry and finish so she can come visit me!! WTG!
Ellen- big red EP- A fellow LDS New Englander, with so many talents, and heart of gold. Her photos are beautiful and she is just type of person you want as your friend!
Lei at My many colored days- A fellow creative always dipping her fingers in many pots, so inspiring and talented, She is a great friend and always creating beauty. One day we are going to get together and just create!


Shelah said...

aw, shucks. Right back at ya, baby!

sweetpea said...

I agree--you've got some great blogs here!

ellen said...

You made me famous!

LL said...

i feel HONORED!
thank you! and you, my dear, are most fabulous of them all :)
i'm excited to read through some of your other suggestions.

Courtney said...

thanks! your blog is so inspiring so it's an honor to be honored!

bluestocking mama said...

aww, thanks!

Lei said...

That is so sweet of you! Thank you, you really made me smile. :)

Becky said...

I just saw this...I'm blushing! Thanks SO much smart mama! (my computer is broken) I've missed you and all my blogging buddies! Please know I am still thinking of you. By the way...more stories and info to come regarding moi! (can't write in a public forum though...aka:library)