Thursday, September 18, 2008

man my subconscious is pathetic

So last night as I was drifting off into dream land ... when my first dream appeared it was about spilling a pitcher of orange juice all over the kitchen floor. The dream me somewhat annoyed, mopped up the sticky slop on the floor, but then the semi-awake part of me realized this was a dream and that this was an especially lame dream and while I may have to put up with mopping up spills all day long, I did not have to put up with it in my own dream. So I stirred myself fully awake slightly annoyed with this frustrating dream and started over falling back asleep in hopes of something more exciting --Enter second dream... about bad sticky canned frosting on a cupcake. What? Hey is this lame dream night or something?!

By now I am getting upset. I have had a long day, I'd like a nice relaxing, escapist dream... something really good. But this is what I get?? Freud help me out here- what do my orange juice and bad frosting dreams mean? Certainly not wish fulfillment-- Please!! If this is what I dream about at night how pathetic must my life be? Seriously insomnia sounds more promising.

Generally, I am a creative dreamer, I have dreamt in blog (complete with sidebars), and dreamt in facebook format the other night, I also have dreamt in full episodes of various TV shows (including the office). Maybe something is wrong at the dream department (has anyone read the seems? excited for the next book this month?) All I know is I am going to bed tonight and this time I am holding out for kissing and a beach.


Jenny said...

You're killing me here.
I'm thinking spilled orange juice and bad frosting are better than not remembering the combination to your high school locker while you're standing in the hall naked with a towel in your hair. I've never had kissing and a beach. What does THAT say? I'm staying tuned, and expect the full sequel tomorrow. Good luck with your sleep patterns. May you wake up with a sandy pillow.

Char said...

I'm not sure what this says about me, but I've dreamt in Tetris before.

Becky said...

oh smart mama...I'll have to get back to you on the interpretation of your dreams...stay tuned. May your sandy beach/kissing dream come true.

ellen said...

It's probably all because you have to wake up so early to teach Seminary...I'm just sayin'.

Jamie said...

that's really funny. Have you had a good kissing dream yet or was it dirty diapers?