Saturday, September 06, 2008

one on one mom fun

With#1 off to school this week, I have been devoting time to #2. We've done puzzle time, pattern bead stringing, painting, easel time, cornstarch tray (which he loves to trace lettters and his name in), reading time, dramatic play,and all sorts of little activities- One of his favorites this week was this animal sort activity I devised for him. He took our animal bin and sorted them by farm animals (red construction paper), zoo animals (brown paper), sea creatures (blue paper), or forest creatures (green paper). Its fun to see how engaged they get. Days like that are always rewarding.
My 3: 1. meeting new friends 2. rescued rolls 3.beautiful cards


LL said...

rescued rolls were delicious!
Little SS#2 is pretty impressive being able to sort those animals.

Christy said...

I am always glad you make extra rolls!
There is an interesting display at the Science Msm on how small children sort and categorize, especially when you introduce abnormal items, such as animals with wheels etc. I thought of you when I saw it, even before this blog!

Tamlynn said...

Where do the dinosaurs go? lol. Looks like fun.

Jenny said...

I'm thinking I need to start sorting animals. It'll help ME to hopefully develop some of that brain matter I seem to be missing these days!