Tuesday, July 29, 2008

get it?

Lest you feel forgotten my fellow blog friends I am doing a terrible job keeping up with all my blog reading/posting this summer- so please don't feel forgotten or unloved I am just way way behind on my reading!

So lately joking silliness has been the contagion of the summer for my 2 biggest boys... Love of jokes is a classic middle childhood developmental thing- It's kind of funny to watch!

here are some of my seven year olds jokes:
What can you serve but never eat? (a mission)
What is an octopuses garden? (sea weeds)
What is a grams favorite snack? (graham crackers)

my 3 yr old made his contribution with his
"look mom a flying saucer!"
1. some one on one time
2. a nice shower
3. friends


Jamie said...

that is really funny! Okay what 3 year old knows that's called a saucer? Only your children I think.

Very clever jokes. The mission one was the best.

Anonymous said...

You ARE the smart mama! Publishing AND laughing at your childrens' jokes... they will remember that forever, and oh WHAT a great deposit in their bank of self esteem! You rock.
~Jenny (W.)

smart mama said...

jamie- thats what cracked me up i had no idea he knew it was called saucer- then to make a joke out of it- LOL

Hi jenny! :>--i love catching their funny moments- they'd better thank me for it later. as for being "smart mama" its kind of like if you build it they will come concept- if you name it that people will believe it...ha ha