Sunday, July 13, 2008

3 for me

I was tagged by my friend Emily, who I knew when I was in Grad school (who writes a very delightfully amusing blog) and will forever live in the smart mama hall of fame for carving hot dogs into hearts and sculpted the phrase I love you in hot dog for her boyfriend (now husband) after I taught a class on 101 ways to say I love you! in our BYU ward. So here it goes...

3 Joys:
Creating things- you know I always have my fingers in something around here. Nothing would probably send me into depression more than not being able to create. Here is my latest collage pieces.
People- My family, my friends, nothing makes me happier than being around people I love.
Teaching/Helping- I love helping people learn new things, solve problems, come up with ideas. You know my ultimate job is to be a professional brainstormer.

3 Fears:
The ice cream truck/man- Odd I know but true, I find the music disturbing and it evokes images of the bad child catcher in chitty chitty bang bang.
Snakes-- Unfortunately my 7 yo does not share my fear and frequently catches them and shows them to me. This is why i no longer trust him when he says close your eyes and hold out your hands.
Really tight spaces- The other day I was thinking about going through Hezekiah's tunnel while in Jerusalem-- though a long tiny windy underground tunnel - chest deep in water? What was I thinking?

3 Obsessions/Collections:
Children's books- I keep them stashed in almost every room in the house- hundreds and hundreds of them-I am afraid to to count for fear I'll tip into the thousands range
Sprinkles- I have quite a collection of sprinkles- at any given time I probably have about 30 kinds of sprinkles in my house at any given time.
Great toys- I love great toys, I am a sucker for great toys. good open ended toys and things like playmobils, legos, games, blocks don't get me started!

3 Random/Surprising Facts:
I like to be prepared- I like to be prepared for everything. I always like options- this is why my basement food storage my neighbors call the graff and shop, this is why I can redecorate a room simply from fabrics in my basement or throw a party without having to go the store for a single item, this is why my suitcases alwasy weigh the full 50 allotted pounds. I do not do well with scarcity.
I have recurring dreams almost once a week in fact that I am in school, college usually, and its the first day of class and i don't have my schedule and i am running around trying to find out my schedule so I know where to go. So "freud that" and get back to me w/ an explanation if you will.
I use 4 pillows when I sleep, crazy yes but i like to be perfectly sublimely comfortable (maybe this is why sleeping in amtrak doesn't jive with me?)

Tagged?: If you are reading this and blog- well you know the drill jump in!


Chel said...

Loved this! I am a lover of children's books as well. :)

LL said...

I loved this! I will for sure do it as soon as we stop traveling.
We leave again tomorrow.
Are we ready for more JAM...Tougas here we come!

Tamlynn said...

You can't just say everyone who reads your blog is tagged. That's aginst the rules, right?