Monday, February 18, 2008

for the love of statcounter

so I was over on my friend Courtney's blog and she was talking about her love of statcounter and bloglines and the interesting things you learn from statcounter. people who stumble upon your site through the random of internet searches:

did you know that my blog is:

the 1st entry if you do a google search for smart mama. I guess that gives me true claim on the title (i think it is kind of funny that someone started a blog entitled one smart mama- a clear knock off of my title-- this after I corresponded with her regarding recurrent pregnancy loss resources, she also runs an infertility blog) imitation is the sincerest for of flattery right! So don't be fooled I am stil the original!!

the 11th entry if you do a google search for college boyfriend- all because I posted about the
college boyfriend breadsticks once.

I was once featured in a blog designed to keep Indian readers current on the all things India (Because I revealed my secret desire to
be in a bollywood film)

sometimes you internet searches lead you into things you weren't anticipating...

I've had people want to buy my art because they were searching for outer space birthday party ideas wound up at my discussion of
ss#3's 6th birthday party and then abandon child's birthday party planning to pick out art on my gallery site

or those searches lead you somewhere in hopes of answers, but fail to give them

like today when some when searching for "how to make a child's stretchy headband" -I had to laugh although i am sometiems crafty- I have 3 sons hence no stretchy headband directions on my blog-- the poor person wound up on this
entry where smart son 1 posed great questions as to why people in more primitive times are always shown wearing headbands.


LL said...

SO-do you like to eat Indian food? Miss Bollywood superstar???
If so, we need to go to dinner one of these night. Bollywood is one of our favorite restaurants!

smart mama said...
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smart mama said...

Yes--i totally do- In fact if you ask B what his favorite food is he'll tell you naan! So yah- bollywood it is - give me some chicken tikka masala, samosas yum!!