Saturday, February 16, 2008

yep more paintings...

okay more paintings... my creative binge continues kind of by default. Smart daddy-o has been hogging the computer every night which is necessary for the other items on my to do list. Which has left me this as my alternative activity from the hours of 8:30-11 pm after my boys are asleep. So here is the second in the aspen grove series it is big 30x40. I am thinking I want to do a dbl panel (so 60x40") for my dining room. the third still 1/2 done in the tree series also big 30x40"
layered garden study- trying out different patterns for tree series 16x20"
small studies from my office geometry series this time different color palette - these two are both are 16x20"

blogging 2 days straight so far yay for me!! Studio night is this week which means friends coming over to my house to paint and chat- yes we consider it our modern day quilting bee. We'll see what the next projects will be.


LL said...

can't wait for Thursday--
your work is AMAZING! i am especially happy to see the map of UTAH in your last painting. Remember how I kept painting Utah is my first masterpiece?!?!?
You're the Queen of talent, keep it coming!

Shelah said...

I am CRAZY about the first two! I love them!!! If the top aspen one was one of the ones that didn't work in your dr, let me know!