Tuesday, February 19, 2008

kids and itunes

Seriously bless the man or woman who created itunes- and freed you from having to buy the whole CD- because lets face it rarely do you want the whole CD- i love to pay by the song, especially for kids music. My boys are big fans of itunes- They have their own playlists for various activities (like "running time" when they literally run for 15-20 straight around the family room couch) This is good thing though, ss#1 ran over a mile on the track at the Y this weekend! Here are few of my boys favorite songs: (Artwork courtesy of SS#1- it totally rocks acrylic and gold leaf on canvasboard he did yesterday!)

Tantrum by Spin Doctors from the ever great dog train CD- this is worth the whole CD as is its predecessor Philadelphia Chickens
Hampster Dance - by Hampton the Hamster, yes this against my better judgment- high on the annoying factor by harmless silly kids fun.
We are the Champions by Crazy Frog- this is catchy and often brightens my dinner preparation hour.
You've Got to be Clean by Guster- anything that promotes cleanness gets 2 thumbs up in my book- my boys favorite line "each days a fight 'gainst the forces of dirt, dirt, dirt!"
Mahna Mahna by Cake (you may recognize this from an old muppets movie) we chose the remake by Cake my boys adore it
La La La Lemon by BNL this also doubles to give smart son 2 good practice making the tricky L sound
Istanbul (not Constantinople) by They might be Giants (see this has special meaning because I used to live in Turkey andmy boys love it when I make Turkish food)
Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas this totally lets me show off my super kicking skills- nothing says cool mom like being able to kick 6 feet in the air. Ss #2 likes to sing this to SS#3 when he cries-" everybody was kung fu fighting... those kids were fast as lighting... in fact it was a little bit frightening" such an endearing lullaby don't you think?
Main Title (Theme from Star Wars) by John Williams- nothing promotes light saber fighting more than this song. truly a classic.
Rainbow Connection by Ryan Shupe- closest thing to kermit and a little jazzed up
If All of the Raindrops by Laura Doherty- a favorite song form my childhood
Pots and Pans by the Bacon Brothers- this is a catchy tune
Thrift Shop by Dan Zanes- Afterall who doesn't love a good thrift shop find
A you're Adorable by John Lithgow because it is a fun song to sing to your kids at night


Chel said...

I heart iTunes!
They Might Be Giants... wow, that takes me back, I used to listen to them a LONG time ago!

Jamie said...

Love the Star Wars painting.

Andrea said...

Istanbul will forever bring images of you. It always makes me think of the maid that got hit by a car. That and the little copper box and mittens you brought me from Turkey. I still have them, LOL. And hello lady...smartson is going to give you a run for your money girl! That picture is awesome!

LL said...

nice work by smart-son #1! and there is nothing better than smart-son #2 singing Kung Fu Fighter.

Nettie said...

Looks like the painting genes were passed down!

I like the list. I had totally forgotten about some of those songs!

emlouisa said...

Totally cute!!!!

I'm gonna have to check out some of those songs!

My kids have their own playlist too!

Lei said...

We love so many of the same songs! It's time to make a new mix I think!