Friday, February 22, 2008

Smart Mama Awards: Best of...

Best household helper: Bissell Steam Mop
I blogged before about this being the year of floor care- I love, I adore my bissell steam mop it makes me clean my floors more. it blesses my life- is so easy to use, total 2 thumbs up for moms with messy kids!!
Best Indulgence: ESCADA Perfumes

My new perfumes. I also blogged before about perfume shopping- I am so convinced escada makes the best perfumes in the world- these are my three favorites- whenever i wearing them I just want to keep smelling myself-So if you see me walking around sniffing you'll know what i am doing-- they are that good!
Best KIDS thing: Renzulli Learning

Well this is hard to explain- if you want to learn more you can read about it here. If you are in education you know Joe Renzulli is one of the leaders in gifted education- and this is designed with the enrichment model in mind ofr all students- to encourage project based, interest driven learning. Bascially it does a number of things- creates a customized learning profile for your child then presents them with 100s nay 1000s of learning activites etc that fit their interests. Like the other day we were doing something with cuneiform (and I went on searched it an in 10 seconds had my sons name translated into sumerian cuneiform and a ton of stuff on ancient mesopotamia) It will link you to any good thing for kids there is on the web. I highly recommend it for any family-If you are looking to keep yopur kids engaged in worthwhile activites this summer- This is what you want- I can hang this prize over my boys and require and number of tasks from them- Even SS#2 shouts with glee "renzoooi!" as an educator i don't push alot of this but this is a good thing!

Best Healthy Snack:Weight Watchers Lemon Cream Pie Yogurt

Even my kids try to steal these from me-- so yum!


LL said...

i need to try the perfume suggestions! how was your outing this evening?

smart mama said...

i'll let you smell me sometime- LOL and last night was too FUN!!

Chel said...

I'll second the Escada... great choice!

SweetPea said...

I REALLY want that mop!! I also want to try that perfume---looks yummy!

Blackeyedsue said...

I am so going to buy that mop this next payday. Mopping my floor on my hands and knees yesterday about did me in.