Saturday, October 07, 2006

If you were a dessert you'd be

So I was driving home alone in the car from the store the other night- it was 930 and I had dessert on the brain the combination of this and free reign of radio controls (sans backseat shrieking) got my right brain going and this was my "deep thought"- "If I was this song what dessert would I be?". Needless to say I easily passed the time flipping through stations on the radio and here were some of my match-ups.

Michael Buble- Home- Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee
James Taylor- Shower the People- Carrot Cake
John Mayer- Waiting on the World to Change- Banana Split
Frank Sinatra- Come fly with me- Vanilla Milkshake in soda fountain glass
Rob Thomas- Ever the Same- Friendly's fordbidden chocolate ice cream
Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars- Raspberry Sorbet with a dark chocolate dipped shortbread stick on the side
B-52's- Love Shack- grocery store cupcake with heavy frosting and sprinkles
Aerosmith- Angel- Vanilla Napoleon
Simon and Garfunkel- Like a Bridge over Troubled Water- Almond Poundcake
Louis Armstrong- What a Wonderful World- Apple Pie- cold - no ice cream

I then had the idea that it would be very fun to not limit it to desserts only- because some songs definitely have a savory feel- (c'mon this screams Barry White) It would be fun to have a dinner party- the soundtrack for which was designed with exact song/food harmony- or maybe I could start a restaurant and in your booth the corresponding song would play as you ate your food-
so come on play along- the last song you heard- give me the food accompaniment


Anonymous said...

Wow. Deep thoughts for sure. All I hear lately is Mexican music, so I'll have to go with the obvious-Flan. For all of them because I am not creative.

smartmama said...

I don't know if you listen hard gabs you might hear a tres leche cake?

itybtyfrog said...

The last song I heard was that "So you had a bad day" song. It screams at me Double-Fudge Sundae!

Lei said...

Sade = fondue. Yum!

Meagan said...

Its your love by Tim Mcgaw and Faith hill = Hot Fudge Sundae