Sunday, October 22, 2006

Box tops cutting=grown-up

Sometimes the funniest things make you feel like a grown –up. Today I did one of my first official PTO- parent volunteer tasks- It was a quite complicated too- (actually I really love menial tasks- no joke) My responsibilities were to 1- Trim the excess flash from the box tops for education (from General mills products) sent in by children at my son’s school. 2- Count them and then 3-Bundle the freshly trimmed (on the dotted lines) coupons into stacks of fifty. All I can say is it’s a good thing I had my kids when I was in my twenties because if I was much older I would have had to opt out do to visual disability as it would have required the extensive use of reading glasses. Just so you can appreciate here is one of the box tops (can you see it??)- most are the small yet respectable the size of a postage stamp, but some are so tiny, I have swallowed pills twice their size - they were ridiculous and attempting to hold these in stacks of fifty while rubber banding them without the tiny ones shooting out of the stack in all directions- a daunting task for even the most deft surgeon’s fingers. Like littlest soldier I managed well my charge to tend to 2 classes worth of labels (all 621 of them). Yes, I am but a small cog but important in greater machine of good for my local public school.

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