Sunday, October 22, 2006

hyperdrive week

Smart daddy-o has had training at work so he was been going in early and staying late, which left me juggling swim, music, PTO, and town ed foundation mtg, 3 necessary shopping excursions (yes for the first time in my motherhood life I had 0 diapers) and a shower at my house (while smart daddy-o was enjoying a classical guitar concert). I don’t love weeks when the schedule goes into hyperdrive. (Yesterday also was not the best day for smart daddy-o break it to me that it looks like he’s going to Japan for about a week next month or that the night I am supposed to teach a painting class he has to go see blue man group for work).
As for a report on the party- VERY fun it was for my friend (also known as commenter DMS) who will soon be having a baby girl (her first)! I love DMS,(which blogger will not let me post a cute pic of her from the shower- grr- i've tried for 3 days- you can see her cake though here) she is an amazing teacher and is going to be a rockin’ mom! I am a party girl but smart baby has been complicating my usual party style. Mainly, because I So it’s been a super crazy week in smart mama land- I am finally starting to breathe. can’t set the tables until the absolute last minute, but having 20 people for dinner requires appropriate planning to ensure I actually have enough CLEAN soup bowls, dinner/salad/dessert plates, spoons, knives, forks, glasses in my possession. I counted out everything for the 3 different tables the day before and moved it to the center of the dining room table and then moved all chairs away from the table so they would serve as an alarm system (enter super smart mama xray hearing power when from rooms away I can identify exact sounds like “hmmm.. that sounds like a dining room chair being dragged across the floor” and run to avert domestic disaster) Smart baby still managed to lay to rest 3 salad bowls, one silver pineapple placecard holder, the glass out of a family picture, and utterly destroy one flower arrangement. (also insert photo of shattered pinapple salad bowl- again thanks to blogger you must use your imagination)
The one thing that has helped me though great music, which has me so itching to paint (but sadly no TIME!) So hopefully I will still be in the groove and steal some time in the next week to crank out some more pieces.
So my mellow groove music pics of the week- go download…
The Walnut Tree*(favorite of the week!) and Bend and Break by Keane
Strange & Beautiful and Brighter than Sunshine by Aqualung


DMS said...

I love Keane, good pick! Ok, so I knew the shower was a lot of work, but now I feel really bad hearing all about the behind the scenes near disasters. I did witness one of smart baby's moves on my way out, but that glass vase certainly was resilant. You throw a great party and always go above and beyond to make things extra nice and special. The cake was beautiful and delicious. The great thing is, you never let it show what a crazy busy week you had, thanks.

smartmama said...

hey your party was so fun- oh don't feel bad i love some adventure! you'll have to have more babies so we can have more parties-- and cakes!