Saturday, October 14, 2006

autumn musings

Yes we are just at peak foliage (here is smart baby chillin' in the back yard)- I have to say for the record how much I love the flaming oranges and reds of sugar maples- hands down my autumn favorites. I think it is the artist in me and my penchant for painting branches that predisposes me to this tree love. I am mesmerized and constantly distracted by them- Leaf peeping must be the cause of a lot of accidents and that is why car insurance is so outrageous here. (then again maybe it's just bad drivers and badly designed roads)
Today we had fall family pictures see them on my friends blog (here)
And here is a pumpkin shot for extra fall feel
Autumn is natures way of softening you up and making you love life in new engalnd before you get slammed with utter bone chilling, ice torture and grayness (aka winter). When living in New England it is requisite to have an entire wardrobe arsenal to combat the 9 months of cold. It has only taken me 5 years of of living here to realize the wool pea coat just doesn't cut it for everything. There are multiple coats and jackets necessary each with it's own unique weather niche- My love of the week- puffy vest. Yes I will now expound upon the virtues of the puffy vest. 1. It really does keep you warm (something i was long skeptical of) 2. It sort of warms your core? It has a cozy feel to it 3. It doesn't get it your way- I hate bulk, no dragging sleeves, etc. It allows great freedom of arm motion- a true motherhood necessity. The only down side is the swooshing nylon rubbing sound when putting smart baby down for a nap.


Anonymous said...

That picture of your yard? Makes me envious of you and a little green. Promise to send me a picture of an ice storm or 10 feet of snow in a month so that I'll remember why I love the desert?

DMS said...

Love the smartbaby pumpkin pic.! That's my favorite. Hey, I was just thinking the other day how cool it would be if you painted a leafy series- see now you have inspiration.

Valarie said...

Those family photos are great- beautiful family, beautiful leaves. You do have a great yard. I would love something like that. The tiny little fenced squares with minimal landscaping and no mature trees in my neighborhood make me sad.

Sabra said...

smart baby is looking less and less baby, esp in that picture. so cute, though. love the yard, too. and a puffy vest--totally want one. unfortunatly dh is on the anti-spend rampage right now. but at least i can live through you :p

Lei said...

I love me a puffy vest, too. :)

You DO have beautiful hands - definitely need to be used on some kind of instrument. :))))

Anonymous said...

I've never had a puffy vest, but I think I'd like to try one. You look so cute in it!