Sunday, July 16, 2006

weekend update

(yes title continuing the SNL theme)

This just in... When dressing for a theme park- less is not more- here is my advice- when you look in the mirror ready to head out, despite the fact that you feel great about how you look, might i recommend adding one more item of clothing. I am all for having positive body image- but there is a decency line that is getting crossed-I don't know if it is just me but lately- seriously i think people need to cover up a little more. I mean when you walk past people have to avert your eyes, because you feel so awkward for them- so my words of summer wisdom--i think it is time to cover a little more strategically.

other thoughts- amusement parks are exhausting, really i am not an all day go till you drop gal- a few hours and i am done- especially when it is hot and muggy and you are toting 2 little boys. there is something to about the pure sensory overload of it all-- things spinning wildly, flashing before you, dramatic performers and characters crossing your personal space boundaries, the assaulting smells, grease, sugar, BO, cacophonous sounds - and yet we return every year for a memorable family company outing in new hampshire- summer wouldn't be the same without it

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ShelahBooksIt said...

I agree- the worst thing about amusement parks is the excess of flesh. I'm not huge, but I would never, ever expose the public to my flabby, stretch-marked belly. Why is it that all of the 300lb women at Sea World think bikini tops and short-shorts are proper amusement park attire?