Sunday, July 16, 2006

Date- bigger than a raisin,smaller than a prune- you put it in fruitcake

Yes that has been the definition of a "date" that has long been the first entry in the smart mama's dictionary (with having smart babies and all). This weekend however we got to pull out definition two- "an evening of fun with a significant other". I am a big believer in date nights because after all it is cheaper than marriage counseling and way more fun.

This weekend with smart nanay around to provide free babysitting smart mama and smart daddy-o got to go out on a date with other couple friends. I was really tempted to bring my camera- so I could capture memorable moments for blogging- (I should have done it!) but then i hmmm show i make my friends sign release waivers? maybe their prominent photo/mention in my blog would bring them fame they just aren't ready to handle- so i left the camera at home (although i did bring my chinatown Chinese food box purse- which can easily hold a phone, keys, money, and skirt- who knew?? And if smart mama was a superhero- she could totally hide her foxy costume in it while maintaining her mild suburban mom facade before sneaking into a mothers lounge to transform into supersmart foxy mama)

Anyway we had a great time hitting a wedding reception, and loading up and riding together, the divulging of little known personal facts and stories, learning about the recent conference on Islam and Space (as discussed in discover magazine- i had never before that night contemplated the issues religion would introduce to space travel) ate yummy Chinese food, and played a rousing round of miniature golf. (Yes sadly smart mama was not el champion grande, and did fall on the green once (I think i was distracted admiring some nice views), but you will be pleased to know i did place a respectable 3rd out of 6- which was quite an accomplishment considering my "just hit it and see what happens approach"- which i thought was fairly standard fair for mini golf (until at one point someone dared to ask, "so what are you aiming for?") i mean forward progression toward to the hole is all i shoot for- i fail to appreciate the nuance of the astroturf slope and danger of the dingy beige shag carpet "sand trap" and therefore formulate no strategy implementing physics principles. (yes i beat smart daddy-o an engineer with a minor in physics- HA!)

anyway if the only date definition you've been up on lately is "bigger than a raisin, smaller than a prune - you put it in fruitcakes"-- its time to dust the cobwebs off definition 2.


Andrea said...

My dh and i had our first date since April. It was just a movie but still felt good.

Amber said...

My perception of a date is forever crushed now. But at least I consider myself more informed in its use.
I linked to your site from another's and have had a great read. I'll be back!

Gabriela said...

Date nights are the best. I haven't played golf forever. Good job on placing 3 out of 6. Not bad.

Valarie said...

That sounds like a great group date. I'm glad you had the chance to do that.

QueenMeadow said...

My dh and I are currently planning a date for this week, woohoo!! Its definitely time to dust off the 2nd definition of date ;)

Sabra said...

D's and my last date was our anniversary. We sat in the resturaunt and talked nearly until they kicked us out. It was nice to remember what a great guy I have. We need to dust off definition #2 more often. And rofl at the "what are you aiming for" comment. That's how I approach pretty much everything, too :)