Tuesday, July 18, 2006

it's a bird, its a plane, it's supersmart mama

Okay so I joked in my last post about my superhero alter ego, (and "in the interest of justice", Sabey, I totally needed you to you doctor up superhero photo of ME for this) but then when I thought about it- No joke, i am a superhero- Moms are the ultimate superhero- seriously I perform superhuman feats constantly some of my last few days "woman of steel" moments-

I endured 10.5 hrs straight in the car with my boys and smart nanay as we trekked through 7 states yesterday. (And even managed to pop into my favorite grocery store Ukrops on the way into town, to pick up a rotissere chicken and some fresh asparagus for dinner when we got my parents- oh yah and 2 chocolate donuts for me) This is a feat because smart baby- although I love him dearly is a terrible whiner, not a great traveler. You will remember on my texas excursion I resorted to extreme measure.
I can do anything one handed (a special skill I can attribute to smart baby)- make salad, craft fondant frogs, blog, and much to the amazement of a woman at a new jersey turnpike rest stop who saw me enter a bathroom stall holding a baby (she actually knocked on the stall door and offered assistance- kind soul), go to the bathroom.
I can also last an entire day in my parents unchild- proofed house alone with my kids while waiting for the sears repairman (coming between the slight window of 8-5 who subsequently arrived at 5:25pm), attempting to help find a skilled nursing facility for my grandma, learning how to make gum paste ranunculus, picking up the 13 different types of food that smart baby discarded on the floor, running along side the motorized jeep to prevent smart baby from diving out while smart brother took him on a version of "Mr. Toads Wild Ride" across the front pasture, locking myself outside in the oppressive 90 degree Virginian humidity- and manage not to lose my cool with anyone!
I can maintain a mental library of innumerable objects/things, where last years taxes are filed, how many pounds of wheat are in my basement, what items i need to pick up to have the boys wardrobes all set a year in advance, when the library books are due-- seriously a PDA has nothing on me...

I think maybe i just need a crazy supersmart mama suit that would get me some attention- any budding costume designers out there ready to step up to the task? (oh and please make it superslimming and flattering and in a color i look good in- and something stainproof, and no dry clean of course)

okay funny aside- i had a spiderman figure in our "historical action figure bin"- smart son was very distressed and said he was not a historical action figure, only a "made up movie one" and did not have any place tossed in with jane austen, leonardo da vinci, beethoven and the other greats


Lei said...

Yes, I amaze myself when I compare to my former single, childless self... how much I have learned by becoming wife and mother!

A costume sounds perfect! Must include cloak of invisibility for my standards. :P

Nettie said...

I would gladly volunteer to make you a superhero costume! Unfortunately, it would probably start with a base of a pair of sweats, as most of my children's halloween costumes do. Very comfortable, but certainly not Smart Mama fashionable, and not likely to fit in your stylin purse, either. In fact, perhaps you should hold out for a better offer. :o )

The Constant Gardener said...

You deserve an award!

modernmama said...

I am complete as a mother--and much, much smarter!

Mama Darlin' said...

This totally made my day! The new and inspired skills we learn as mothers.

Sabra said...

lacking supersuit: nothing a little Google Image search and two minutes with Microsoft Paint can't remedy.
I read somewhere that women with children (aka: moms) have better memories than other people. It just doesn't seem like it because we are busy remembering all the names of the Thomas and Friends characters and which lid goes to which sippy cup rather than the names, and order of swearing in, of all the Supreme Court Justices. Which I swear I used to know.