Thursday, April 27, 2006

Service Fiesta- OLE!

I work with the Youth at our church and last year i gave birth to a wacky activity idea- SERVICE FIESTA- I had acquired a ton of fiesta themed supplies but was also looking for a way to get our youth doing more service-- and thus was born service fiesta- A PARTY WITH A PURPOSE-- which has now become a tradition, the favorite activity of my youth.

Basically it is a fiesta and service projects rolled together speed dating style. Basically it flows like this

Arrive- Choose your own spanish name, much use of hs spanish and the word ole!
Prepare sack lunchs for a soup kitchen- assembly line style (no fighting over who gets to spread PB)
Play ring the 6 foot inflatable cactus
Scrub the nursery toys with excessive amounts of bleach and toothbrushes (and throw out things that are seriously scary (3-headed dogs and cars 3/4 on and inch long)
Pin the tail on the burro (first touch counts)
Write letters to missionaries and servicemen
Break open the pinata
Awards -Some great 12 inch chili pepper melamine trays from (LOVE the target "one spot")
such categories as - most conspicuous use of the word "ole!, best friend to the cactus, most likely to be in a mariachi band, should conisder a career in professional lunch packing, etc.

oh and always party favors-- I am known to my youth for the distribtuion of great pens (which makes them the envy of school friends) for service fiesta there are great maraca pens you can get from oriental trading.

refreshements- chicken and cheese quesadillas, chips and salsa, we wanted to do fried ice cream but settled for ice cream without the fried

so if you are looking for a fun activity...let me recommend the ever wacky memorable service fiesta

It is sprinkled with the punctuating of conversations and announcements with "OLE!"

Next year we'd like to add mexican hat dance and get your picture taken with the life size mariachi band wall poster!!

Hey Gabriela- we can invite you next year as a special cultural consultant...


Rachelle said...

Sounds fun!

Nettie said...

What a great idea! I'm in YW, too, and always on the look out for great activity ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!

Gabriela said...

GREAT IDEA! I am so for more service in every organization. I love your idea.

And I am always willing to consult; I am quite the specialist in all things Latin. :)

Feliz fin de semana!

itybtyfrog said...

Great idea...wish I was still in young women's to do it. I will save the idea for the future.

Sunny said...

That sounds like such fun!!! Relief Society should do that too - I want to join the fun!