Saturday, November 01, 2008

Why I need a bikini

I was getting ready to step into the shower and looked in the mirror. Certainly there is work to be done here. I have passed the 9 month post baby grace period. Last week, I had to take measurements for a new dress for my little upcoming gala event in NYC. The tape measure brought to my attention that my waist is a full 5 inches greater in circumference than it was when my husband married me. In case you were wondering no, it's not muscle... it's winter storage (some thing I can live off of if a really bad Nor'Easter hits).
Why can't I seem to get the motivation to exercise? Is it because I like painting or blogging more? Is it because I am weak and lazy? Is it because I can't find the time when someone isn't crawling on me? Or is it I am so dead tired I can hardly form sentences or walk a sobriety line some days? The answer is... all of the above.
The problem is I need a stronger motivator. Surely the motivator of "good health" is so vague and ambiguous. I see it like this... if I work out today does that mean I will like to be 93, 7 months, and 4 days versus 93, 4 months, and 27 days if I don't? See that is just way to far out to matter much. At that point I might be wanting to give up a few extra days. Not enough inspiration to make me break a sweat.
I need something stronger. Hence the bikini, see if I was forced to walk around in public like that, that would be a motivator. Shame, humiliation, public mocking, now there is motivation. Luckily, I though I have the strong religious standard of modesty. So I am left to continue my course, hiding it all under a covering black tankini, sparing the world my six packless abs and still wanting for motivation!
For the record I really don't stress about size and weight, and I really do want to work out- for "my health's sake"
1. a great grandma 2. real dinner 3. joy of voting


Becky said...

I'm FIRST! Hooray for being the first to comment! I'm NOT late to this party. (whew) Did I mention that you are a 10 in MY book? Who needs a bikini. "You can't take it with you". (does that include our bodily storage?) :)

Courtney said...

I could ditto this post.

Jenny said...

So I understand this post.
It IS all of your above mentioned reasons. I still struggle with my motivator. I think it all boils down to thinking about the stewardship we have over these containers we live in. Your heart works very hard for you. And do you give it much thought? Or thanks? Help it out. Think about your heart. Take a mind-clearing heart helping 10 minute walk and you'll be on your way! (I'm trying. Trust me, that was much easier to type than it is to do) I'll be working at this too! (And NEVER, no NEVER will I walk around in a bikini!!)

Andrea said...

Oh gosh...I'd rather die. I am still searching for a motivator...but really, I just hate exercise.

Christy said...

I agree with becky, aren't we in "perfect form" come the resurrection?

But you could find a sport you like, more than just running or walking. Teach the boys lacrosse in the yard for 15 min (or basement now that it is cleared!)
Wait till smartbaby#3 walks, then a few more lbs are sure to come off.

LL said...

That's it, I'm wearing a bikini to our next blog party. That's right ladies, lunch on afraid, be very afraid. THAT might get me motivated. I'm laughing. This was SUCH a great post!

Anonymous said...

my motivator is it is my stress relief.

Trueman twins said...

I love the modesty excuse. Thank goodness for rules and guidelines for showing too much skin!
Really I didn't get motivated to exercise until the kids were all in school. Who has time for it before then?