Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving dream

I wake up, full refreshed, and put on cozy clothes play a great morning game of flag (okay never mind tackle- I like to plow people down) football with my friends (kind of like they do in glossy magazine ads and preppy commercials). The air is crisp and cool and refreshing. Just enough of a fun game to work up a good appetite. We take turns on the sidelines looking ever so chicly casual in our colorful scarfs and muddied grass stained pants and vintage college shirts sipping hot chocolate heavy on the marshmallows. Then I shower and change into perfect jeans and a cozy sweater. My crowd of favorite friends and family feast on a delicious meal (which is made exactly the way I like it- a well seasoned bird, stuffing with mushrooms, hand mashed yukon gold potatoes, bruleed sweet potatoes, homemade dripping gravy, fresh baked rolls, black olives, peas with pearl onions, cranberry jello and my friend Jennifer's pies-- all this without my slaving or dish doing on my part) Then everyone snuggles up in front of a cozy fire on comfy couches in warm socks and talks and laughs late into the night and of course eats lots more pie. While children play quietly and peacefully.

Thanksgiving is never quite like my dream that but still I am thankful for all that I have!
1. family 2. security 3. blessings too numerous to count

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Jenny said...

And that's exactly how I'll picture your Thanksgiving! Sounds dreamy.