Monday, October 27, 2008

friends, followers lend me your ear

I have to laugh at the lingo of our day-today's winner the letter F

First...we will start with Facebook "friends". Now the use of this term is liberally applied (think sunscreen on the beach your first time out of in the summer season). I mean if the dictionary were to define friend in the manner of facebook it would have to include the following entries: a loose acquaintance, someone I send a Christmas Card to, someone who signed my year book "with love you like a sister", someone whose name pops in my brain about every 2 years or so, someone who likes me more than I like them, someone who who I like more than they like me, someone who I know I should remember more but my brain just can't recall, someone I feel social obligations to, or quite possibly a real true, heart and soul friend.

Second the new blogger term...followers. I have yet to switch to the follower set-up. I guess I have to wait a while for them scary jim jonesesque connotation to wear off. The follower word make me think: screaming Beatles groupie or or shady hippies with mystical leanings. This word of power as though the blogger can command a cyber uprising of their followers who hang on their every word.

What words are next.

1. kind service of others 2. prizes for goodness 3. racing thoughts spilling out


LL said...

great. i FOLLOW you. i am a follower of yours...does that make me a "shady hippie" DUDE...your just so groovy, how can we not follow?
and your welcome for yesterday. LOVED every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

great post and I LOL at your facebook friend definition-so true!!

Becky said...

love your 'racing thoughts spilling out'. i totally follow your blog. i promise i'm not scary though - as long as i've had some decent sleep, otherwise it could be questionable.

sweetpea said...

you nailed it on the head about facebook "friends". Since I signed up a few weeks ago it's been a new revelation for me!

Trueman twins said...

I caved and joined a few weeks ago, but I hate it. It is so impersonal as oppossed to blogs. I don't like the chaotic layout of the pages or really anything about it. Maybe I am not giving it a chance but for right now I have enough on my plate.

Kevin said...

I've read your blog once or twice in the past because of the LDS connection. I had to laugh because I have many FFFs ("Facebook friends forever") and I have blog "followers". I serve as a singles ward bishop and I try to be "with it" (just that term dates me). It is a different world!! Anyway, thanks