Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cupcake class:Red Sox Edition

My apologies for the string of cupcake posts. My 4 week cupcake class teaching gig, I have cupcakes on the brain. This issue is for Red Sox Nation in honor of Thursday night's game. Perfect food for a Red Sox themed birthday party or game day party. Here is a tutorial for all you Red Sox superfans.

How to make Baseball Cupcakes:
1. Frost cupcake with chocolate frosting.
2. Edge with green jimmies.
3. Roll out a circle of white fondant.
4. Place fondant over top of a mini donut.
5. Place on the cupcake
6. Add red details with rope licorice.

How to make Red Sox cupcakes:
1. Frost cupcake with chocolate frosting.
2. Edge with green jimmies
3. Roll out cherry air Heads candy.
4. Cut out the shape of 2 red socks.
5. Place small dot of white fondant on heel and toe and dip in white sugar.
6. Roll out fondant into snake and form into letters.
7. Place decorations on the cupcakes.

How to make Wally the Green Monster cupcakes:
1. Frost cupcake with chocolate frosting.
2. Cover with green jimmies.
3. Add icing premade eyes (available and Country Kitchen SweetArt)
4. Use Wilton sour cherry balls for nose
5. Use harbio rope licorice wheel for mouth
6. Use 1/2 of a oreo cookie for brim of the hat
7. Roll a half circle of fondant in blue and black sugar (to get navy color) or tint with Wilton colors
8. Form a B out of cherry air head candy.
9. Add hat pieces to the cupcake. on hand 2.exciting games 3. Halloween carnival fun


LL said...

LOVE THOSE! they would be a HIT (get it) at my house.
I just might have to give it a try!
cute cute.
how are your bangs? do you have side wings yet?? you best be pegging the jeans...can't wait

lyn said...

Wow! Those look great! How fun

Trueman twins said...

Xander asks, "who did those?" Sister G. I say. "OH Sister G. makes GREAT CAKES!" Too cute! I love the big green monster!

ellen said...

Cool cupcakes! You could make big bucks selling them down by Fenway Pahk.

Becky said...

super cute with a side of FUN! GO SOX!

Jane said...

Oh My dh is the biggest Red Sox fan. I would win lots of points if I made these for him.

They are super cute Les! Your talents are many.

Christy said...

We will have to try those out..crazy red sox classroom kids would fall over themselves to get one (me too!)

Nanci said...

FANtastic! You're so very creative!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Those are fabulous! I am so glad you made them!

Andie said...

Oh those cupcakes are to die for. Even if we are all in mourning around these parts this week. The green monsters! Too funny. Now if you could only help a gal on bedrest figure out how to make 30 Hello Kitty cupcakes for a Hello Kitty loving girl who turns three on Halloween.

Swimmingmom said...

Love them! So fun!