Saturday, March 08, 2008

my life ummm... saturday

My friend Rachelle was getting my life monday going again- and she challenged us to write a 6 word memoir...I thought about this all week in my few unspare moments of solace in the bathtub, at least when I wasn't hopping in and out to help one child or another. I decide I could be summed up as any of the following:
smudges of paint on my hands. (yes you can tell i am an artist by the tell tale smudges of paint you will often see on my hands-- right now as i type i see yellow orange azo, white and two diffferent greens) it is evidence of my unperfectionism. Its not that i don't wash my hands its just i am too busy off on another errand to waste my time scrubbing and scrubbing on tiny flecks that will eventually resolve themselves.
i don't believe in spell check- if you know me online - you know i make lots of typos and rarely run spellcheck again-- i got my main point across- you know what i was trying to say- it's when you are typing at the speed of light trying to cram in a few moments at the computer or typing with a baby in your arms-spellcheck, punctuation- they don't take priority and capital letters- just call me e.e. cummings
bit of this, bit of that.
If you know me you know I like to do a lot of things and keep alot of balls in the air at once- right now it is evidenced in the state of my house (AHHHH!!!) My mom was here oh so briefly to go to a wedding- so i have been taking maximum advantage of that help- but alas it is over. So yes blogging takes its place in the ranks, along side painting (shipping 11 paintings this week was as much work as making them- LOL), my other creative ventures, reading, being full time teacher (yes smart son #1 "went off the educational grid" a few weeks ago- actually he is doing dual enrollment- specials at school and academics at home (you may remember my post a while back about the challenges of meeting the needs of different learners--well the time came to take matters into my own already full hands), which also increases my chauffeuring allotment for the week, keeping a semi orderly house which lately is kicking my backside, being a good mom to ss2 and ss3, some volunteer work in the community, getting up and rolling with a new church assignment, trying to pull off a 3 mo late birthday party in 6 days, complete with 3-d R2D2 cake, planning a house addition.
Other ideas for me:
I think details dante's seventh circle.
rough drafts all the way baby!
double dessert all day every day
creatives shouldn't have to clean up (I am all for division of labor)
so I guess it the post shows that my ultimate 6 word memoir would be
too many ideas, too little time
because instead of one thoughtfully chosen 6 word phrase I gave you 7 which is once again- quintessentially me- the woman whose perfect dream job would be a professional brainstormer!


LL said...

you should be a professional brainstormer--I want to tour that brain of yours and pick ideas out of it!
I'll send the keyline recipe asap...

smart mama said...

I open my brain for public tours on weekdays from 9-5 and weekdays from 10-2-- There are often crowds so come early...