Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the good the bad the ugly

motherhood brings its share of all these... today my morning was kicked of with a bang (no make that a splat) when son #2 while clutching boogle jr to his chest remarked quixotically that there was something in his mouth- this made me nervous because 60 hrs ago he lost his cookies all over his room. well 5 seconds later we had a instant replay of sat night this time yes all over my kitchen hallway and walls- I will try to spare you the graphic images but he was a mere 4 feet from the bathroom, trying his best to make it there, but alas on his way there he slipped and fell in his own pile of vomit-- I have to think that must be one of lifes greater unpleasantries, the only thing worse- being the mom who has to clean it up!

once again may i praise the disinfecting power of my steam mop!


LL said...

WELL DONE! I'm feeling your pain, you poor thing. Hope everyone is healthy and happy for the race tomorrow...your is goin' DOWN!:)
Should be a FUN night.

LL said...

um, I need to proof read before I push send.
I meant to say...your derby car is goin' DOWN (it will probably go down faster than ours, and win but it's always fun to trash talk...) Have you ever seen Down and Derby? Funny show.

Chel said...

ummm, yuck. Poor kiddo! I have a weak stomach when it comes to vomit. Maybe it would be worth investing in the mop. Does it work well on tile?

Gabriela said...

Uggggggh. Sorry. vomit's THE WORST.

I'm totally getting one of those mops when I move back to the States.

suzie romans said...

Brings back memories of days gone by that I am glad I forgot..that and those hidieous cloth diapers. I like to focus on the pleasant memories......hats of to a dedicated mom....and smart mamma with a mop.

SweetPea said...

I'm so sorry--definitely NOT a fun thing to clean up. How is he feeling now?