Friday, March 21, 2008

my adoring fan

When he is not cutting butter, flushing glasses down the toilet, eating cake with a lacrosse stick, wearing your br* as a backpack, mopping the floor with flour, or stuffing as many marshmellows in his mouth as he can before you grab him, he can be very endearing. He is my most adoring fan, anytime I do a new paintings (which is almost everyday lately) he says "OOOOHHHH new paintings" or "You worked really hard mom" or "Those are nice ones" or "I like it, I like it!" So, today as I was typing my butter post he came in clutching one of my new paintings- "Mom, this is my favorite painting! It's a good one".


Chel said...

He's got great taste!

LL said...

ADORABLE! love those boys

The Orton's said...

What a cute picture. My third child is just like him although she has gotten a little tamer through the years. I'm sure he must keep you on your toes! I love your posts!!!